I’m beginning to think I work in the FBI

The following are actual phonecalls I received during last week. ‘X’ has been put in a number places, so that if this is ever discovered, no one has been named and I will hopefully not be fired….

Client 1: Ok ….I need you to listen out for mentions of X.

Me: That’s no problem at all!

Client 1: I presume I can count on this being treated with the strictest of confidence.

Me: Eh yeah of course ….

Client 1: Ok, well it will be mentioned on Nationals and probably some regionals.

Me: Ok …..so what is it in connection with?

Client 1: *pause* I can’t tell you that.

Me: *pause* Would you be able to give me any indication, a key word or two for our search.

Client 1: I’m afraid I can’t.

Me: ….rriiiight ….

Client 1: You’ll know what it is when you hear it ….

Client 2: Ok there was an interview on X radio station with X. Do you have this?

Me: We do indeed.

Client 2: Great, now He wants a transcript but I want you to email me saying you can’t give me a transcript.

Me: Email you saying I can’t give you a transcript….?

Client 2: Yes, and that you can provide me an Mp3.

Me: Uhm ….ooookkkkkk …..



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12 responses to “I’m beginning to think I work in the FBI

  1. LOL that made me laugh!

  2. that does sound like FBI or CIA!! lol

  3. Hee hee…you should have said back – ah yes, ‘the goose flies at midnight in a red airplane’ or something – that would have been funny! xxx

  4. I feel your pain, oh kindred spirit.

  5. hehehe! Maybe it was the FBI . . .

  6. Wow… that’s so very special… 🙂

  7. hahaha! Sounds ‘top secret’!! xx

  8. Eve

    Hahha Thats hilarious! Wow! You do work at the FBI!


  9. Hahaha- um, I hate to tell you this, but I think you’re onto something.

  10. you have a real interesting job, it seems ^^ though not even you understands what you’re doing =)!
    i really laugh when i read your blog! you should recommend yourself in diamond in the rough!

    PL ♥

  11. can i work at the FBI too?:))))what is your job actually?

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