I think I may have anger issues….

I came across this Rant Blog I posted on my bebo page a few years ago when I worked in a shop and started hating people!

Take not, Anyone Who Uses Shops………….

Things I Hate About The Annoying Customers Who Come Into My Shop

  1. They queue up and when they get to the till they haven’t actually decided what they want, so they stand there going ‘Uhhhmmm,…ok, I want …no wait …maybe’ and meanwhile a giant queue has built up behind them and everyone’s glaring at you as if it’s your fault that you don’t know what this person doesn’t even know they want!!
  2. People who don’t hand you the money and just throw it on the counter!! It’s so unbelievably rude!!!
  3. People who just demand items and don’t say ‘please’ even though you’re being really polite despite the fact you want to dangle them on a burning rope over a container of acid!!
  4. When you serve people and hit the subtotal button, say ‘7.65, please’ and they go ‘Oh wait I want X as well’ so you come out of subtotal I(which makes a really irritating ‘MISTAKE’-kinda noise), you scan the new item, hit subtotal again, ‘That’s 8.15 please’, ‘Oh i forgot …’ repeat horrible Mistake noise, scan, ask if that’s all, they reply ‘yes’, you hit subtotal and they say ‘Omg ..I forgot …’ AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!
  5. Credit cards!!
  6. People who want several different phone credits at once!!
  7. People who want you to check a YEARS worth of lotto tickets
  8. Annoying kids that want everything
  9. People who moan about the fact that plastic bags cost 22c …its not MY frickin fault!!!
  10. People who complain about the fact you ACTUALLY charge them the small change when something is, say, 10.35 and they hand you a Twenty!!
  11. People who give in 50’s when they’re buying something that costs about €2
  12. People who ask for change of €50, you say you don’t have enough change to break it for them, and they look at you and then buy a packet of chewing gum with it while looking all smug!!!
  13. People who insist on giving you the small change to ‘make it easier for you’ or ‘cos you need it’! (esp if its 2.34 and they’ve just handed to a 50!!!)
  14. People who ask for a scratch card or lotto ticket and say ‘make it the winning one!!!’ …yeah, I haven’t heard THAT before!!!
  15. People who spend about an hour at the till buying and cashing-in scratch cards when you’re trying to do stuff, even tho they’re making SUCH a loss!!!
  16. People with loads of change that they dump on the counter and make you count!!!
  17. The traveller kids …don’t judge me cos you haven’t met these!!
  18. 12 year olds that try to buy cigarettes and then kick up a fuss when you don’t serve them!!
  19. People who queue in ridiculous places
  20. People who stand at the till you’re not on and expect you to come down and serve them. I refuse, and so I end up in a debate with them!!
  21. Customers who make comments about the fact I’m not doing anything when the reality is that it’s the first time I’ve stood still in about an hour!!
  22. People who keep asking you for prices of things, when you’re clearly in the middle of SERVING SOMEONE ELSE!!!
  23. People who ask stupid questions, such as ‘Do have 20 purple?’ (Dublin slang for Silk Cut Purple cigarettes) or ‘hot chicken?’ when there is quite obviously none there.
  24. People who walk into the shop a minute before closing time, and then proceed to wander around the shop for the next 10 mins!!!



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12 responses to “I think I may have anger issues….

  1. I am so glad I don’t work in a shop anymore as well – all of these things are incredibly annoying! Another thing that used to annoy me was people who are on their mobile phone when you are serving them…

  2. I wrote something similar earlier this year, but it was about Cairo traffic!! Haha, I obviously have anger issues, too!

  3. I am sure that working in a shop is your ideal job ^^
    hahaha, poor girl, sometimes we clients are just too annoying. I can’t even stand them when i am a client too!

    PL ♥

  4. oh, being a client is not always easy you know:)though i don’t do those things, i see a lot of people doing it.and it’s not so nice.the one thing that really makes me mad is when i’m in a supermarket and there’s let’s say soemthing wrong with the product i want to buy and i ask someone from the stuff.that someone replies me it’s not their till so i should go find someone from that till.or wait untill they bring me someone from that till.and waiting means more than 10 min…

  5. haha, i’ve never worked at a shop like this but i was a waitress for a few months…yes months i quit very quickly!! the whole throw the money down on the table instead of hand it to me used to piss me off!! i’d just give them a nice roll of the eyes. i once had a lady nearly kill me because she was kosher and i served her cheese on her broccoli! sorry lady im not a mind reader! sheesh!!

  6. Just Peachy

    Haha I feel your pain!
    My biggest annoyance is customers who are rude, expect everything, and say “I work in retail” – well, you should know better and NOT act like that.

  7. hello my dear, i have left you a blog award/tag on my page 🙂


  8. Wow, this is a long list. Haha

  9. oh I think it’s perfectly normal to be irtitated by these kinds of things! I hope your mood gets better 🙂


  10. GREAAT post! (: I think how you treat service people says ALOT about you. if only people were alot more gracious, kind and patient…the world would be sooo much better! xx

  11. oh my! that must have been quite a test of patience!!

  12. haha these are so funny
    i think that i am the customer who tips out all the change, i always tr yand get rid of my copper coins lol 😛

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