A tribute to the former couple Peter and Jordan …sorry, Katie ….

What a hit.

It just blew me away.

Couldn’t believe how terribly talented these two were.

Please enjoy the impromptu bathing scenes.



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4 responses to “A tribute to the former couple Peter and Jordan …sorry, Katie ….

  1. sorry, but i can’t see the video.it says it has been disabled.

  2. Oh yeah, there’s a link to youtube under where it says it’s been disabled so you can click through at watch it on the site!

  3. i feel sorry for the children really. and i don’t think the andre is as nice as he makes out. plus katie/jordan is quite scary.

    in relation to your comments, jane austen was a wise old bird. and pretty funny as well.

    kristen stewart smokes something that is… druglike, because there is pictures of her doing so, which caused an uproar when twilight came out. its not really cool. but i do think from a style point of view, she has something in her air, that nonchalance, which i don’t really see in anyone else and it lets her carry off certain doubtful outfits.


  4. “Please enjoy the impromptu bathing scenes.”

    Life would be so much more interesting if everything started with that sentence.

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