I’m going to take A Chick Named Hermia into a tailspin…

…and branch off into politics, of sorts.

For anyone living in Ireland or aware of what’s going on here, we’re all currently getting ready to vote on the Lisbon Treaty ….again.

See the way voting works in Ireland is the government poses a new policy to the People and the People say “Nah, we don’t want that thanks”, and the government says, “Oh wrong answer guys, Try again”, and the People are made vote again and again until they say Yes!

For anyone not familiar with Lisbon, it’s a new amending treaty to improve on the Nice Treaty (which I think we also tried to say No to) and tightens our bond with the EU and tries to unite everyone’s policies and Ireland was one of a few countries who were actually allowed vote on this through a referendum process!

(my political knowledge isn’t great, so that’s probably arse-ways, but the general info is there!)

Anyway, one of the reasons Irish people voted No to Lisbon the first time was because there was a fear that the EU could legalise abortion in Ireland, which we don’t like.

Abortion is illegal in Ireland.

So was contraception up until recent decades, but that’s just silly!

Abortion, on the other hand, is not silly.

Oh no, I hear you say; she’s going to talk about That.

And yes I am.

The possible legalisation of abortion is still a worry to people (even though it’s not at all probable now) so the issue has been brought up. Listening to the radio recently, I heard an email sent into the show by a girl who had an abortion. She was a stupid girl in college who got drunk and slept around and low and behold, became pregnant. And oh dear, she was still in college and couldn’t deal with a baby so she sneaked over the UK to have an abortion. She was so upset but she did it anyway and now we have to feel sorry for her because it was so hard on her ….but if she could go back she’d do it again, cos it just wasn’t ‘the right time’ for her to have a baby.

Texts and emails flooded in from people who said they felt sorry her and she brought tears to their eyes and it’s a woman’s right to chose and other such bullshit.

That’s right, pure and utter bullshit!

Yes it is a woman’s right to chose, so chose to keep your legs closed if you don’t want to risk getting pregnant!

Everyone knows that contraception isn’t guaranteed to work! The condom can break and the pill can just not work and that’s the chance we all take when we fancy a bit of rough and tumble!

You know the risk.

So why is it ok for the girl and guy to be completely selfish, go ahead and have their Fun Times, and then when Girlie misses her period, Oh well let’s go scoop that thing out of you.

News Flash: You’ve just killed a baby.

I hate being so crude and blunt about what I know is a sensitive subject but the fact is that when the sperm and the egg come together, you have a baby: maybe not a full and proper baby, but it’s still a baby.

Abortion is murder.

Nothing could ever make me think it’s ok.

Yes if I found out I was pregnant, I would panic and cry and probably try and hide it from my parents by claiming I’d just put on a few pounds as I waddled around at eight months pregnant, but that ‘thing’ is still my responsibility and it’s a life: a life that I helped create.

Yup, it’d be an inconvenience and a struggle, but you know what, I made my bed and lay in it and messed it up a bit, so I’m going to make the best of this!

(lol how cute is that kid!!!!???)

Nobody can say they don’t know the risks when they have sex.

And really if you ABSOLUTELY don’t want a baby and are just totally yawned by the idea of changing nappies, well there are MILLIONS of couples who would die for a chance to take those responsibilities off your hands.

It makes me so angry when people try to make abortion seem OK and try to justify it!

I’d like to see a murderer stand in front of a judge and go “Well I killed that person because they were just inconveniencing me….”

And yes I know people will say What about Rape victims, and to be honest, I can’t morally say that it’s ok for a rape victim to have an abortion, because isn’t the situation bad enough without taking a life on top of it all: a life that could have made a childless couple unspeakably happy?

But it’s a horrible situation so I could never come down definitely on either side in a rape case, and while I’d never condone an abortion, I’d never point a finger and shout ‘Shuuuun’ …to be honest, I’d just have to not talk about it.

I should also add at this point that I get just as angry with Pro Life protesters who stand in town and wave giant pictures of an aborted foetus, because that’s just as wrong. My mum still gets upset whenever she tells me the story of a Pro Life campaigner who shoved one of those graphic leaflets in our door ….while my mum was pregnant with me and obviously terrified of anything going wrong with the pregnancy.

And to be honest, I very rarely talk about this. It’s my opinion and that’s that: no one is going to change it because to me, yes, abortion is murder. People have a tendency to get in your face over issues like this and when they find out I’m anti-abortion they can’t wait to tell me I’m a conservative and tell me all the reasons why abortion is Great!

It actually makes my feel sick to talk about it.

So why did I write this?

Well after getting genuinely upset about the radio piece and half crying about it to The Boy, I became annoyed.

So many people were sympathising with Abortion Girl and saying Oh tell all the Bible Bashers and Catholic Freaks to f*ck off, and I was sickened. Abortion has nothing to do with religion: it’s a basic concept of Right and Wrong. These days all anti-abortion people are seen as crazy church freaks, and yes the ones we always hear from are normally just that.

But there are so many anti-abortion people like me who are just sick of being attacked whenever people discover our Dirty Secret. It’s grand to be Ok with abortion because then you’re liberal and the likes, but God help you if you apply some morals to life: you must be mad, or a good-two-shoes or the kind of person that nothing bad happens to!

Yeah well maybe I’ve never had an unplanned pregnancy, but I by no means view the world through rose coloured glasses.

I’m not perfect.

I’m not a devout Christian (in fact, I had to tell my friend the other day that I was taking a Leave of Absence from our church folk group because it clashed with X Factor, lol!).

I’m not a crazy person who pushes pictures of dead babies into people’s hands.

I am a person: a person who has made mistakes but does attempt to rectify them and still tries to have a sense of right and wrong …and whatever argument you try to put up in its defence, abortion is wrong.

Maybe you’re finding it hard to accept the fact I never talk about this and never allow myself get into arguments, but this rant is due to years of pent-up beliefs. It sounds dramatic but it makes me unbelievably angry when people support abortion and use those stupid Right to Chose arguments: I actually do feel physically sick when I’m made think about abortion ….even writing this, my stomach is churning.

Which is probably a sign I should stop.

I’ve said my piece anyway…

*prepares for the onslaught of abuse….*



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22 responses to “I’m going to take A Chick Named Hermia into a tailspin…

  1. We have no right to abuse you for your opinion! You have every right to be Pro-Life if that’s what you feel is right.

    Personally I’m pro choice only because I don’t know what I would do if I accidently fell pregnant and what I would do if I was scared/raped/ sick/homeless/whatever. That being said I don’t think abortion should be used as a back up contraceptive. It’s a very serious physical and emotional process that shouldn’t be seen as an easy way out of unplanned parenthood.

    Out of curiosity, what if the doctor recommended an abortion for medical reasons e.g. complications in the pregnancy that would be at risk for the mother?

  2. Hmmmmm …..see that’s a different situation and isn’t really an ‘abortion’ in the technical sense: something like that is a Save One Life Or Lose Both senario!

    Ok well obviously it is an abortion, but you know what I mean!

    Really that decision is completely up to the parents and if the risk to the mother is really huge then it’s a necessary medical procedure. Really it’s an awful position to be put in, and if they decided to opt for the abortion to save the mother, who could really judge them!?

  3. Ahh that’s ok then. I was wondering if it was a full steam ahead Pro Life situation! At least you don’t have blinkers on and you have thought your decision through. Some people are completely unable to recognise the grey areas *cough* my Granny *cough* with sensitive subjects like this!

  4. This is such a difficult subject – on one hand I personally could never have an abortion and I don’t agree with people using it as a backup contraceptive as White Rabbit said. But on the other I am glad that the option is available over here for other women who didn’t have a choice about becoming pregnant.

  5. Ok.So, reading the comments and the post.I’m not the one to talk about it, but i have my opinions.Let me tell you from the start that that girl from the radio will make easier the politiciens way to win this thing.to make abortion legal.on the other hand, if it’s about choosing wheter to have a baby or not, choose it before having sex.it’s not the country’s fault that she got drunk and than had to go to uk to do an abortion.as it’s for you, abortion means murderer for me too.and, of course, i don’t know about cases of rape or other ugly things, but i know that in that girl’s situation she could at least give the child to someone who wanted it.there are many peiople who do treatments and would love to have a child, and she kills him.didn’t she just do that?or, after that night of fun, was to hard for her to be pregnant for 9 months and then get rid of him/her.she choosed the simple way, not the best one.and when the doctor suggests you to do an abortion, that’s something that has to do with health.don’t tell me that girl had health problems and couldn’t keep the child.i see that abortion[the let’s say, have to do for your own health] as a medical procedure, like an operation.still killing the kid, but it’s not as if you wished.

  6. Conor

    Have to say I agree with you. I’m completely atheist, but pro-life (except,as mentioned in your earlier comment, if it’s a case of save one life or lose both). It pisses me off that religious people have hijacked the debate with their Jesus-agenda and disturbing leaflets.

  7. or-so-i-feel

    i think the way you expressed yourself is how many of us feel. We aren’t going to stand outside the clinics berating women who choose to have an abortion but we also are not going to pretend as though it is alright. I knew a girl who had a very similar story as your radio girl and i was completely disgusted with her and her never ending explanations. For me it is a simple thing… like you (right or wrong)

    … and seeing as my daughter was completely unplanned and came at THE worst time in my life, i can safely say that even at the worst time… children are a blessing…

  8. I completely agree with everything you said. While I, also, don’t talk about subjects like this much, I definitely know what I believe. I can’t stand people who are “always right, and you’re always wrong” (I avoid contact with my friend’s parents because that’s how they are and they are always stirring up some sort of conflict.) Everyone has their own opinions and you should respect them but… i just don’t understand how someone can even think about killing a baby. It’s your fault for having sex. Deal with it. It just makes me so angry when people are so immature and “woe, pity me!” Deal with the consequences of your actions. If you think you’re ready to have sex, you must be ready to have a baby. You can’t take something that important back, you can’t just make it go away. Imagine if your mother decided to have an abortion? Yeah. Exactly.
    God gave us brains. I don’t understand why people don’t use them.

  9. Thing is, everyone has a different instinctive feel for what’s right and what’s wrong. For me, stuff like the X Case or the Miss D Case are upsetting – that a minor be put through the trauma of a court hearing while suicidal or while carrying a baby they know won’t survive. Embarrasses me that Ireland is a place where that can happen.

  10. Suz

    I think we’re all missing the point here. Who let that little child drive that car?! DISASTER.

  11. Johanna

    People like you are the biggest reason women and men are still not equal in today’s society. Congratulations, I hope you feel proud.

  12. Yes people like me who believe in preserving life are truly awful ….right up there with Hitler.
    *rolls eyes*
    Please leave the melodrama elsewhere.

  13. Johanna

    Who´s the one that started crying when a stranger spoke on radio about her abortion?

  14. LOL!!!!!! Oh God you’re right!!! I’m such a drama queen for finding child-murder upsetting.
    Johanna, if you want to have a serious discussion about the topic then be my guest, but if you’re going to resort to wild foundation-less accusations and childish comebacks then please leave.

  15. Johanna

    Suuuure, don’t you think people should be able to decide what to do with thier bodies? And who’s going to take care of these unwanted children later? You? There are already so many orphans in the world needing help, you’re not doing the embryos(yes, they’re not people, i hope you get that) a favor.

  16. or-so-i-feel

    you keep telling yourself that sweetheart… if it helps you sleep at night!

  17. Johanna

    How about you cut the patronizing out and answer the question, ”dear”?

  18. Of course people have a right to decide what to do with their bodies: if they don’t want a baby, then they should keep their body fully-clothed and away from sperm.

    Granted you’re probably just dying to throw the only real argument pro-‘choice’ people have at me at this point, which is rape victims. And yes, they haven’t made a choice in that case.

    BUT aborting a baby (and yes, embryos are still human enough to be people, I hope you get that) is choosing what to do with someone else’s body. That’s right: once you’ve got a baby in your belly, the world has stopped revolving around you and you are now the protector of a growing infant. So the choice affects another body bar your own.

    And lol Or-So-I-Feel ….I’m totally digging your lovely use of sarcasm ….whether it’s on my side or against me, I have great appreciation for that fine art! 😉

  19. Johanna

    If embryos is a person, then so is sperm. And don’t you find it quite wierd that God built in massmurder?

  20. Actually, considering the fact that a sperm only has HALF the amount of chromosomes that a HUMAN has, it isn’t a person.

  21. Johanna

    I know it’s not a person, but neither is embryos. I won’t bring up rape victims, since I want abortion to be availible for anyone. But how about this, women have always gotten abortions, even in the middle ages, but if it’s illegal then these women will have to get an abortion by someone who might not know what the hell he’s doing. Millions of women die every year around the world because they’ve tried to miscarry on their own or some idiot who’s not really a doctor did the abortion. If you really cherise life as much as you say, why shouldn’t abortions by legal so all these women,and young girls don’t have to die?

  22. I see your point, but those women know the risks they’re taking when they go for a back-alley abortion …I much more concerned with the helpless child than the women, who was careless enough to get pregnant. They made their bed, now they’ve got to lie in it. (eh, pardon the pun)

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