I have a treat for you all…

Yup, I feel really bad that I haven’t been the best of bloggers during the last few weeks due to crazy work schedules and being sick, so I’m going to give you something that will hopefully make you guys forgive me!

Remember I told you about the wonderful DotComGiftShop where I bought a GIANT box of stuff for the new apartment (lol, which we still haven’t got!)?

Well, I got in touch with the online shop’s lovely press office and told them how simply lovely you all are and how I’d love to give you something, and the sweetheart that is Ade said, “Sure, we’ll give you this and you can hold a competition….”

How amazing!!!!

It’s a vintage organiser and it’s actually a lovely pale cream colour (the camera flash made it look white) and I actually bought one myself with the intention of putting it into my hallway in such a manner:

Lol, I know there isn’t a vintage organiser in that pic, but I intend to remove the flowers and put the V.O there instead and either move the mirror higher or to the side.

But you guys don’t have to do that.

You guys can do whateeeeeeeever you want with it.

So anyway, yes, super awesome prize, right???? I’m just dying to start putting letters and keys and other such household items into my one!

And how do you win such a lovely prize!?

Well there are three ways…

One Entry: Comment me with a link to your favourite picture …you don’t need to explain why you like it, but if you want to, I’d love to read it.

One Entry: If you post about this on your own blog.

One Entry: If A Chick Named Hermia, Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Charlotte or Diamond in the Rough is in your blogroll (but you’ll have to leave a comment to let me know it’s there!)

The competition ends next Thursday (17th) at 9pm Irish time.

Oh and it’s an international competition!

Have fun, dearies!!!!



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22 responses to “I have a treat for you all…

  1. Ria

    This photo is my favorite photo. I have it in poster form right next to my laptop.

    It’s the lead singer of my favorite Japanese band. He’s very inspiring to me and this photo is my favorite from this photoshoot.

  2. I tried to choose my favorite picture, but I couldn’t. So many images move me in an unexplainable way that it is impossible to pick one. So I hope that having you on the list of blogs I follow is equal to having you on the blogroll..

    And I envy you being closer than me to getting your own place, making it look just the way you want it to. I still will have to wait a while for such plans to come true. Good luck with picking the perfect one for you!


  3. Don’t consider that an entry because this would cost a fortune to ship when I win it! but hey, it’s gorgeous!

    I’ve missed you (I wasn’t present in the blogging-world)

  4. This is such a lovely giveaway! I follow Diamond in the rough and this one. And I am blogging about the giveaway right after I am finished writing this comment! Also here is ONE of my favorite pictures:


    So beautiful.

    Thanks so much!

  5. because I was the one who thought to do this photoshoot and directed it. 🙂
    i had my friend do the photography though
    the model in this picture is someone I’ve known for years now
    there are so many pictures of her that i liked, but i chose this one in the end
    i love the way the light shines on her face in this one 😀

    and i check out your blog everyday so i hope that counts as having you on my blogroll =T

    i will be off to write about this blog on my xanga in two minutes.:)
    ^that’s my site. just a collection of random ramblings of a teenage girl.

  6. Eve

    Oh my! That is an AMAZING prize!! Wow!! I love it! So cute!
    So all three blogs are in my blog roll (do I get three entries? hehhe).
    I have a ton of favorite pictures but the first that comes to mind is this.

    I came across it and it get grabbed my heart. It’s so beautiful and romantic and I love the lighting! Every time I see it I’m absolutely enthralled.


  7. You are to generous my girl!!!
    How are youuu???

    I loveee this picture: http://weheartit.com/entry/629108
    I love how happy they both seem and so free!!
    Both a chick named hermia and diamons are on my side bar ♥ (I am so excited to do my first post for diamonds!!!)

    has your package from france arrived yet doll?
    Have a great friday!!! xxxxxxxx

  8. silenceandnoise

    This is such a nice thing to do! Thank you

    My favourite picture is one of my son’s tiny little feet. There is nothing cuter than baby feet!

    I hope you are feeling better! xoxoo

  9. My favourite pic right now is one i took of my co-blooger Eliza J last weekend, I think the moon adds a certain feel to it;

    Of course both A Chick Named Hermia and Diamond in the Rough are on our blogroll!!

  10. oh i adore this image from breakfast at tiffanys

  11. You’re in my blogroll…

  12. This is so hard, to pick just one favourite picture!!


    This is a photograph which has been one of my favourites for a few months now

    It is just one of about 100000 favourite pictures though!

    Are you feeling better now?


  13. My favourite picture is of my Granddad, sitting on his mothers knee in 1910. its part of a blog post I did when I found her signature on the 1911 census.


    What can I say, its personal family history made solid. The original was discovered in the back of a wardrobe under a leaky roof in my grandmothers house after she died. No one knew that the photo existed up to that point, and it was fading fast (reacts to light).
    A scan and recovery job was done pretty quickly and copies sent out through the family to stop it going missing again.

    The family guessed that my great grandmother didn’t want the photo around after her husband died and banished it to the wardrobe, to be discovered almost 100 years later.

  14. Ooh it’s so lovely and cute and wants to live in my hallway. A random list of ephemera it might hold – bits of string and ribbon from parcels, keys from lost doorways, mysterious objects found on pathways, business cards handed to me by strangers, shiny things, wishes scribbled on scraps of paper…
    I’m glad I found your blog (via the ever-popular English Muse – who isn’t actually English, but she blogs nicely so we’ll forgive her!).
    Can I enter favourite pictures as in plural? I went to an amazing art exhibition this week which I blogged about here:

    I’ve also added you to my lovely blog list, so can I have two entries purrrleeeaaase!

  15. Wow, what an AWESOME giveaway! Count me in 🙂

    And to answer the question you left on my blog, no, it the speak message I have above where you leave a comment is not a Rent reference, I’ve actually never seen it before!

    I put the speak thing up right when i started my blog, so it’s been up there for a while! I guess I wanted to leave a message for my fellow readers, but didn’t want it to be sooo long, where i thank them for being awesome and i couldn’t do it without them, that type of this. soo…i just wanted to leave something short and sweet, and i guess “speak” just stuck with me for whatever reason LOL!


  16. Of course you’re in my reader! 😉

  17. What an awesome giveaway. Hope you’re not feeling sick anymore! And thanks for the birthday wishes on my blog, you’re such a sweetie!

  18. what a fun giveaway!
    so it would be impossible to pick a favorite picture. you know how i post stuff from Audrey Hepburn Complex like every other day? id have to say anything from that site – seriously a new favorite everyday!

    also i have both Hermia and Diamond in my blogroll 🙂

  19. Halifax

    I like this photo my friend took http://www.anhsfoodblog.com/2007/08/moment-in-life-3.html. Thanks for the huge prize (how are you going to ship it, lol)

    • Donna

      Hey Catherine!
      I’m a fellow DCU graduate (I was in CS the year below you I think!) and somehow found your blog while I was in college, I’ve been addicted ever since and have found so more amazing blogs through your blogroll. Mostly thanks to you and your blog I’m gonna finally bite the bullet and start my own blog in the next couple of weeks, well I actually have it started just getting used to wordpress and beautifying it! Who knows maybe I’ll end up in your blogroll, the organiser is just so darling I had to enter (this is also my first blog comment ever!) It would look gorgeous with these wooden signs saying Faith, Dream and Hope I just bought! Anyway my favorite picture is


      I think it is one of the most beautiful, unique, simple, romantic gestures I have ever seen, I wish it was for me! 🙂

  20. diamonds in the rough is in my blogroll…

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