Money can’t buy you class

I’m so mad.

I mean REALLY mad!

We all know Kanye West is an absolute obnoxious jerk who has a WAY too high opinion of himself, but I’ve just watched his little spectacle at the VMAs and I’m completely disgusted.

I don’t think I’ve hated a celebrity this much.

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever hated a celebrity before.

For anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, when Taylor Swift was awarded Best Female Video, he walked on stage and interrupted her shocked acceptance speech to say that Beyonce should have won.

And then he walked off and left Taylor standing there visibly upset and embarrassed.

What kinda of a jerk thinks he has a right to ruin someone else’s moment!?

No one has a bad word to say about Taylor, and she was genuinely modest and surprised she won, saying that as a country singer she never expected to win a VMA.

Gotta say I’m also a bit disgusted with Beyonce, who just sat there with this fake modest smile on her. She should’ve got up, gone to the stage, told Kanye to get his head out of his ass and gave Taylor a hug.



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12 responses to “Money can’t buy you class

  1. so typical of Kanye West.I think his fame as gotten into his head soo much that he thinks he is God…not!

  2. I didn’t actually watch the VMA’s, but I just read an article that said Beyonce pulled Taylor on stage and basically apologized for Kanye’s behavior. I thought that was really classy of her- article from MTV

  3. Hmmmm I suppose that was something ….but call me cynical, I think Beyonce had some encouragement to do that! She should’ve gone up as soon as Kanye opened his mouth instead of sitting there, watching a 17-year-old be humiliated, with a stupid smile on her face!

  4. Punk’d really did show him up for the twit he is. And South Park cemented it. And now I’m endorsing both. I feel bad knowing a human being who is actually even more self-centered than he is. I think I’m going to go choke on my own bile for a bit.

  5. i totally agree at the beyonce part.about his attitude, what is there left to be said?going on like that and doing this to a teenage girl…

  6. I am glad I am not the only one who didn’t buy Beyonce’s expression!

  7. Just Peachy

    I’ve never liked Kanye West but this made me really angry. Good on Taylor for being so adult & grown up when surrounded by immature douchebags like Kanye West & Beyonce.
    PS – Single Ladies, the video & song, sucks.

  8. Oh I know Suz, we were talking about that in the earlier comments!
    That wasn’t out of the kindness of Beyonce’s heart …it was obviously staged, with Taylor waiting in the sidelines to be called out: if she has called her up from her seat or something, it would’ve been believable(ish).
    The time she should have done something was when Kanye came out on stage in the first place…not an hour later when she was told to.

  9. Kanye West – Heartless.

  10. Truthfully, I kind of feel like the VMA thing was staged. Other than what occurred between Kanye, Taylor, and Beyonce, what are people talking about? Lady Gaga’s costumes? There had to be some drama for it to be even more publicized. Maybe I’m just really cynical though.

  11. i totally agree that kanye SUCKS – what a loser.
    but i disagree that beyonce should have done something. she looked visibly embarassed of his actions and i think it would have caused more of a scene if she had gotten up. sure, the thing at the end was probably staged and even someone elses idea – but she couldve been a dramaqueen and said no etc. i thought both she and taylor acted with grace and class all things considered.

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