And I will spend my lunch hour watching this….

Also what the FRICK is up with Taylor Momsen these days!!!!?? She’s SIXTEEN!!!!!!!

Oh wait, I forgot …..she’s an ‘artist’ now ……she has a ‘band’ …..she’s way ‘mature’ for her age ……so yeah, you’re right, it’s TOTALLY ok for you to dress like a prostitute!

I bet Teen Vogue was so pleased….



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9 responses to “And I will spend my lunch hour watching this….

  1. she’s 16?!?!?! holy. a courtney love in the making! by the way, great way to spend your lunch hour (; xoxo

  2. like a momsen, touched for the very first time

  3. or-so-i-feel

    love this show…

  4. itsandbits

    little J isn’t so little anymore.
    her hair could not look any faker in the first episode. those extensions were pretty awful in my opinion!
    but the fashion this season looks pretty fierce from what was in the first episode. let’s hope they keep up this style hotness for the GG cast!

  5. she has entered hooker-ville all of a sudden! such a shame!

  6. I have never actually seen gossip girl? Is it good?

    She looks like such a tart on that bottom photo!! I cant believe she is 16!

  7. looove that show. but im with you, i dont know what taylor (or her parents) are thinking. artist or not.

  8. fe

    Yey! Gossip Girl’s back… I’m so eager to watch the 3rd season.
    The story line of the 2nd season is not that nice, but still, all those fashion parade of costumes will be a total satisfactory to watch!

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