Dear Readers…

I’m taking a break from blogging.

Probably for two or three weeks.

I’m letting you know that it’s just a break in case you think,

(A) I’m a terribly infrequent blogger, or

(B) I  must have left forever.

It’s neither.

I just need some breathing space.

Lot of stuff going on right now and this is just an added pressure.

So rather than do a half-assed job, I’m making a clean break so I can regroup and the likes.

Gather my thoughts and find some inspiration.

I’ll post the winner of the competition 2moro and then I’ll be gone.

But when I come back, I should have some nice, new material to natter about!

Love you all and thanks for your support.

Keep me updated on your lives!

See you all soon!


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14 responses to “Dear Readers…

  1. Oh no! I am definately going to miss your posts! I hope that everything is ok xxx

  2. a breaks as good as a change..i suppose I’ll have to plough through your archive while your gone

    Stay Classy xxx

  3. Hope everything is well, and shall be patiently awaiting your return dear 🙂

  4. 2 4 270

    will be missing it 😦

  5. Hi! Weird coincidence, I’m just back from my little break…that turned out way longer than I expected! But I do recommend it, a little bit of space will allow you to breathe. At first you’ll be relieved then you’ll start to miss blogging and thats when you’ll be back and better than ever! Enjoy your break. looking forward to your return! 🙂

  6. enjoy your break. a good idea to have some time off so that you can return all refreshed!

  7. enjoy your break – i hope its fabulously relaxing 🙂

  8. Meg

    goodness i know this feeling. revel in the space and time of stepping back! we’ll miss you and be ready to welcome you back with open arms!

  9. Hi there. Only just discovered your blog. Looking forward to its return so I can be a more regular reader!

  10. I hope you have a nice, relaxing break. Looking forward to your return x

  11. fe

    Oh no… All your readers are certainly going to miss you, especially me!
    But, once in a while you need to pull away and be with yourself, escaping bedlam.
    Take your time darling… And get back to us with loads of new inspiration…

    Till next time, XOXO, Fe

  12. hope to hear from you soon! xx, K

  13. dea

    what a gorgeous foto you´ve got there! And your blog is just adorable: pritty fotos and nice context. I like it a lot:)

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