A Weeny Update

Hello Darlings!!

Just a quick post to say I had every intention of returning this week, but alas, life had different plans pour moi!!!

At work, we were blessed, I supposed, to win a new contract which has doubled my work load and left me with little time to catch up on blogging. And at home ….well ‘home’ has changed since I last spoke to you all and as of Saturday, I now live in a beautifully big two-bed apartment with my one and only, The Boy.

Despite that perfection, our apartment is currently void of internet and our new neighbours have craftily secured their connections with super secret passwords ….so much for sharing!!!!!

So hopefully we’ll have that sorted by the end of the week and I shall return to the blogosphere next Monday at the latest!!!

I’m really looking forward to returning …I’ve missed you all so much and God, I really hope you guys haven’t forgotten me!!!!!

Talk soon!!!!


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13 responses to “A Weeny Update

  1. Thats so exciting darling!! Congratulations on the big move!!!
    I am glad your coming back 🙂
    I have missed my little irish buddy from across the ocean.
    Good luck on getting internet!! Damn those pesky over protective neighbours!! Pppfttttt


  2. I haven’t forgotten you anyway! Can’t wait til your back blogging, hope you had a good break and congrats on the new apartment! 🙂

  3. unepoupee

    Many congratulations on the lovely new gaff, I have definitely missed your posting so do hurry back now!!

  4. I’VE MISSED YOU!! I am more than glad everything is going well with work and your flat!! that’s amazing!

    Oh come back already!

  5. I’d be lost without my beloved internet at home but sometimes a break is nice. It will give you that much needed time for moving in, decorating and enjoying the hooneymoon period.

    Also – must have that clutch!

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


  7. nice to see you back briefly.. with a new life!

  8. Oh I have missed you darling!!
    So exciting about your news! (Photos of the flat please!!)
    Very excited about your return

  9. as if we could forget YOU!

  10. Missed you heaps… Come back now!!

  11. If we were neighbors, you’d be mooching off our Internet now. Haha. We never protect our wireless connection. 🙂

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