Oh Dear

Our apartment agent is a bit of a sap and made us waste all of last week tracking down one internet/tv company, only for us to find out today that she was talking through her arse and that company doesn’t provide for our apartment block.

And I’m not in work this week.

So internet access is at an all-time low.


I’ll be back blogging as soon as I can!!!!

Just counting down the minutes until I’m back in the blogosphere *sigh*


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13 responses to “Oh Dear

  1. I’ll be counting the minutes too!

  2. or-so-i-feel

    i have been missing your posts… greatly!

  3. Hope you get it sorted soon, m’dear.

  4. Can’t wait til your full-fledged return! Hope all your internet woes get sorted asap 🙂

  5. Looking forward to your return lovely. You have been missed xx

  6. oh I was looking forward to you coming back! UGH that must be frustrating!

  7. Floyd

    cant wait till your back 🙂

  8. Darn agent.
    Can’t wait to have you back darling!!! xxx

  9. Tsk tsk, that agent was not nice. Hope things get settled soon.

  10. wow this has streched SO much.. i hope ur ok!
    C u soon, i hope 🙂

  11. I miss you, lovely one!

  12. ali

    I miss you and your blog.

    Hope the apartment with the boy and work are all going smoothly.

    Write soon…please.


  13. sorry but this is my photo and i dont see the credits .. its ilegal ..

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