Another Update

God I feel as though I’m never going to get to blog again!!!!

Myself and The Boy are ambling aimlessly around the apartment, lost and vulnerable without the Internet God.


Eircom (our net provider) is SERIOUSLY pissing us around and it’s totally NOT cool!!!!

I’m dying to catch up on all your blogs, and I refuse to start blogging properly until I have the time to catch up on all your posts and be able to check them every day!

Pray for me.

In the meantime, please entertain yourselves with Katy Perry’s Cabaret-insprired performance at last night’s EMAs



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4 responses to “Another Update

  1. Don’t worry about not catching up on people, random musings are always welcome – beautiful photograph there, did you take it?

  2. ok so i just saw my blog under you inspiration list. you TOTALLY made my day..

    thank you. thank you. thank you!

    i hope your internet comes back up asap! i haaate not having it whenever you want it. worst feeling ever.

    have a good weekend my new found friend!!

  3. Aww, lovely, I miss you!

  4. Sam

    We just got internet where I am living this week, after is spent 3 months with out it! It was so frustrating and I always felt so out of the loop. And of course there were those times at 2:00 a.m. when you just wanted to blog and you found yourself searching for a wayward wireless connection on your porch in your bathrobe. ha!

    hang in there!!

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