Musical Musings…

Musical Musing No.1:

I am now the proud owner of the Fame Monster ….yay! It’s pretty awesome ….not at all a let down and definitely up to the standard of The Fame (wish I could say the same for Russian Roulette …what was Rhianna THINKING!?) Favourite tracks include Bad Romance, Monster and Speechless.

Musical Musing No.2:

Heard Jenna Toro on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show today doing  a beautiful acoustic version of her new song Electric City. The original track is decent enough, but I definitely think her talent lies more in the acoustic sets than the dance-type tracks. Check out her MySpace here.

Musical Musing No.3:

In order to erase from my mind the ABOMINATION that was Mariah Carey’s ‘breathy’ version of I Wanna Know What Love Is on last night’s X Factor, I have spent the day humming and Youtube-ing the original Foreigner version.

And on a completely unrelated note:

A woman thanked me for letting her get the free seat that became available on the Luas this evening, even though I totally could have gotten to it first. It was really nice to be thanked.



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4 responses to “Musical Musings…

  1. i cant wait for fame monster! sooo excited

  2. What a sweet♥ you are 🙂
    Giving up the seat for another…luv it to pieces. Can you tell it’s the giving season?!!!

    Absolutely blare the new Lady Gage song in my car when i hear it on the radio.
    Kids sing in tune as well….Lol. Great pic of her btw. Enjoy your turkey dinner this week.

  3. Laura

    Fame monster is actually life changingly good!! Dancing in the dark?! FANTASTIC!

  4. Rhiannna and I parted ways a few months ago..I dont think she’ll ever give me ‘that feeling’ again

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