Because you’re not done

Safety pins holding up the things

That make you mine

About your hair, you needn’t care,

You look beautiful all the time.

Oh won’t you shine, shine on

Your magazines, at people at the seams

But you still read

I must admit, I don’t believe in it

But I see how you get sucked in

Shine On – The Kooks



Filed under Fashion, Music, Photography

6 responses to “Because you’re not done

  1. the kooks…love love love 🙂 ❤

  2. Liv

    Beautiful. The Kooks have to be one of my all time favourite bands. Their music just doesn’t get old. You are loved.

  3. they always have such great lyrics x

  4. Kooks love right here. Have you seen them live? So much fun!

  5. That’s a gorgeous photo! Did you see the Ballgown editorial in the December issue of Vogue…this reminds me of it.

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