Take me away to nowhere plains



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4 responses to “Take me away to nowhere plains

  1. I love the Bank Dance video! This soundtrack was amazing. This FILM was amazing. Giving me an introduction to Matthew Gray Gubler?! AMAZING. (See his YouTube videos) The whole bloody (500) Days of Summer thing altogether?…AMAZING.

    I reckon you guys would like HitRecord.org. It was set up by Joe (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and his brother. They post a lot of videos on there and …actually Records are hard enough to explain. You just need to see it to understand it. Again by Heart Etc 😀

  2. Oh hey Catherine, have you seen the movie Paper Heart? It’s as cute, if not cuter, than 500 Days of Summer. 🙂

  3. I’ve seen this movie, and while I enjoyed it, I dont think it was one of her (Zoey Deschanel’s) best.
    Oh and did anyone see her star along side her sister in an episode of Bones as the main carachters (Emily Deschanel’s) odd cousin?’
    It was awesome 😀

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