Kudos to them for not puking afterwards….

Lol, so I was back in the blogosphere a whole five days …and then I disappeared again!

Basically Judy (baby girl ginger kitten) got sick and I spent all my free time worrying about her, instead of blogging.

So here is my last few days in bulletpoints:

  • General Week: Work, Cry, Sleep, Work, Cry, Sleep, etc, etc
  • Friday Night was spent watching the Late Late Toy Show, which always signals the beginning of my Christmas season and which was actually good this year, unlike the past ten years that Pat Kenny strangled it.
  • Saturday morning, after a thorough investigation of Judy, we decided she seemed much better and we wouldn’t need to drug her and smuggle her passed the caretaker and to the Saturday Morning Vet.
  • 8pm,  I arrive back home to find she has now suffered a cut to the inside of her eye, which looks like it could become a gross infection.
  • Saturday afternoon was spend finger painting and making things out of lollipop sticks and baking a Tank cake with a six-year-old and two four-year-olds. Note to self: mixing icing with small children is a terrible idea.
  • Saturday night was filled with X Factor, jager and cider. ending up in a local nightclub and then wandering the streets alone clutching a bag of chips and asking God (outloud) to please let me get home safe. Gooooood times though!
  • Late, late Saturday nights ….being out-smarted by my five-month-old kittens who managed to steal and eat my chips, which were covered in vinegar and salt. Kudos to them for not puking afterwards.
  • Sunday was spent chirpy and listening to GaGa while cleaning the apartment.
  • Sunday night consisted of Family Fortunes and X Factor, while cuddled up on the couch with The Boy and the kittens.


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7 responses to “Kudos to them for not puking afterwards….

  1. jager and cider…sounds like a dangerous mix!

  2. Seriously, where are photographs of these darling little kittens?!!

    I’m trying to persuade the boy to get me a little ginger kitten for christmas.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend darls


  3. i hope your kitty is ok! and i am soo glad to hear you made it home safely after walking around by yourself, while praying, in the middle of the night haha 🙂

  4. Is that one of those ‘ghost bikes’?

  5. whyevenbother

    i love ur blog!!! (:

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