Conversations with The Boy….

Me: Your breath smells like eggs.

The Boy: Awh that’s mean.

Me: Oh …well I love eggs, you know that. So it’s a compliment really!

The Boy: Kiss me.

Me: Uhhhmmm ….I have to go ….somewhere …..


Me: Hey, I need to do a dark wash cos I’ve been wearing the same pair of jeans for three weeks now. Do you have any darks so I can put on a full load?

The Boy: Yeah, I’ve got lots of boxers to put in.

Me: No, no boxers.

The Boy: But they need to be washed.

Me: Tough. I’m not mixing your boxers with my clothes.

The Boy: But why!?

Me: Cos they’re gross! And the water will be filled with your crotch juices!!!!

The Boy: But it’s clean water! It gets rinsed away!

Me: Yeah but before it gets rinsed away, it gets sloshed through my jeans and before you know it, my jeans are filled with crotch water. You can never clean away something like that!

The Boy: *silence*

Me: I’ll just wear these jeans for another two weeks….



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10 responses to “Conversations with The Boy….

  1. Crotch juice… Eeeeewwww…


    Cheered me up. A LOT!

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! …. Crotch juice. Priceless

  4. hahahha ohhhh lady yourre funny. i missed you woman!

  5. ahhh worst timing ever to read this post.
    emergency load of laundry to get certain pair of jeans clean tonight? YES
    husband insisting on tossing in a ton of underwear?
    me suddenly grossed out by the thought of our washer…and the fact that its our apartment building washer so not only is it crotch water but the water of the rest of our building!
    im setting these jeans on fire…

  6. That’s awesome! “Crotch juice” made me cringe and laugh out loud!

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