Did I mention….

…..that I’m ringing in the New Year in Paris?



I didn’t?


Well I am.




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11 responses to “Did I mention….

  1. i am soo jealous. i am going to be bringing in my new years in mexico 🙂 [hopefully.. still figuring out the plans!]

  2. Errr, am i jealous??? Errrr YES!!! Extremely!!!

    You will have a magical time


  3. I’m ringing in the New Year in the bathroom hopefully vomiting up the contents of my stomach whilst a friend holds back my hair

    I didn’t say it was my preferred option but it’s more than likely the realistic one

    I’m am very jealous yet this feeling is cancelled out by how chuffed I am for you!

  4. AMAZING! cant wait to see pictures:)

  5. dustjacket attic

    Okay that is just so great ….. for you! Hmmm so would love to be in Paris for Christmas 😮

  6. waoh! so happy for you!!! i woulod looove going to paris (i’ve never been there). it’s kind of weird, one of those places you’re in love with even before knowing them. hahaha. New york is a different kind of feeling: never been there either, but i’ve seen so much, read so much, that it would actually feel like home for me. ^^
    I wish you spend there the best christmas and new year ever (no need to wish, though, i know you will)
    PL ♥

  7. You are so lucky! It sounds wonderful…and very romantic! You have to take photos and tell us all about it! 🙂

  8. Aw thats what i did last year!! Enjoy!!

  9. fe

    Oooo… Please take me with you :p I promise I’ll be nice… LOL.

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