When in Paris…

Ah Topshop, our souls must be more entwined than I ever imagined, because JUST as I was pondering what to wear to impress my potentially-future-inlaws during my Parisienne New Years, you sent me a lovely email containing your Paris-inspired collection.


True Love.

Clothes are very important for this trip though. I’m visiting THE chic-est city in the world and spending time with The Boy’s Paris-reared mother, aunt, granny and cousin (plus some boy-relatives, but they don’t need to be worried about!). I am but a mere fille d’Irlandais, frumpy, red-faced, frizzy-haired and a wearer of wellies (I’ve actually only worn wellies about 5 times in my life!).

Oh how they will sit in a sophisticated haze of smoke and Chanel No.5, wondering why their beautifully-French boy, with his wonderful ballad-worthy hair and his spellbinding brown eyes would ever be attracted to this dowdy creature from a tiny leprachaun-infested island.*

“Mon Dieu!” they will exclaim. “Quel ‘orrorrrrr! She ‘as possessed ‘eeeeem! She must be a weeeetch!”

….I’ve completely gone off the point here, I think.

Oh right, basically I need to dress seemingly-effortlessly nice and stylish, so that I’m not evicted from his family circle for being hideous or a super-I-Totally-Follow-Every-Fashion-Trend try-hard, cos they’re just as bad.

So here is my Topshop inspiration (Family and Friends please note that you are now all getting socks for Christmas):

*I must add that The Boy’s relatives are all really nice and super lovely to me! But I think every girl goes a little fashion-crazy and paranoid when she’s (A) meeting her boyfriend’s family and (B) visiting Paris …..I have both …..I need to be monitored 24/7 for the next few weeks….



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4 responses to “When in Paris…

  1. I ordered that skirt,; may plan is to pretend I’m a Chloe model..

  2. annhyphencharlotte

    oooh everything up there is super cute but i particularly love the white blouse with the black bow and the pink scarf. I wish there was a Topshop in France!

  3. I highly recommend the Breton style top. I have it and it goes with everything. Its comfy but not sloppy. In fact I like it so much that I bought the same top in black with white stripes too. I wear one or the other almost every day at the moment! But I love the white one the best and am slightly tempted to buy a second one for when I get a big stain or something on the first! 😉

    I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous though, whatever you wear! 🙂

  4. such cute stuff! love the purse – such a pretty color, looks great for cool weather in a chic city!

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