Currently obsessed with …Liebemarlene Vintage

You need to visit this blog: beautiful photography, stunning fashion choices and an Ebay Store to kill for.

If only I could master that sneaky Ebay predator thing ….I have failed at EVERY attempt to purchase some of her gorgeous clothes!!!



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10 responses to “Currently obsessed with …Liebemarlene Vintage

  1. Oh i love her blog too!

    Its like an early Christmas pressie having your daily updates back!!


  2. totally dig the clothes and photo’s! great share, will check out her blog now! thanks!


  3. Looks great! Will check out soon.

  4. I love her clothes & her blog! But I haven’t managed to buy anything either. The prices have been creeping up as she gets more and more popular too. But keep stalking maybe eventually you”ll get lucky!

    btw I know the ARK t-shirts are just plain boring t-shirts but I think the whole idea is about more than just the t-shirts. (its a company set up by a 19yr old guy, it wasn’t ever going to be cutting edge fashion! 😉 ) But I think there are some interesting ethical clothes out there, they’ are just hard to find and usually kind of expensive. Maybe I’ll do a post on it some time! Will you enter the challenge anyway?

  5. ooh wow..its like I’m five and just inherited a toyshop…where to start

  6. oooo these photos are stunning!

  7. LOVE her blog – always such great looks!

  8. I have just discovered her blog two weeks ago and I am in love. I love the Zooey-ness of her looks. 🙂

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