I have been up since 5.30am

The first 3 hours of my day were pitch black.

Stupid job.



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8 responses to “I have been up since 5.30am

  1. Oh at least it’s the weekend!

  2. oh wowers…

    If there’s one thing I’d love to do, it would be to star in a silent movie

  3. Thank Crunchie its Friday! 🙂

    I’ve tagged you to do the Proust questionnaire if you have the time. I hope you do! 🙂


  4. oh it’s just awful getting up in the dark when it feels like the middle of the night

  5. I hope your day got a lot brighter!!

    I lovveeeee hot christmas!! it is what it is all about!
    Sitting outside in the nice air, going for a swim, wearing sun dresses!!
    I had 2 freezing winter ones in france – so good to experience them haha (if only it had snowed!!) I want to have a christmas in london and a christmas in new york next. The 2 places that seem REALLY christmas to me!!
    But yes.. summer christmas = amazing! xxx

  6. Oh golly, waking up that early is horrendous! At least these pictures of Zooey are adorable 🙂

  7. I go to work AND leave work in the pitch black dark. I hate it!

  8. Oh i know the feeling! I’ve been up at 4.30am for work the past few weeks!

    Photos of my kitten are up on my blog. I want to see pics of your two! xx

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