What’s a Gleek without Glee….?

Oh God ….I’m nothing but a ‘K’ now!



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9 responses to “What’s a Gleek without Glee….?

  1. I want to marry Finn…

  2. I haven’t seen this but one of these guys really reminds me of my Canadian friend Jesse…

  3. I just might be listening to the soundtrack right now…April is a long way away…

  4. glee has been amazing. I just hope they manage to keep this up for season 2! (:

  5. i really wish this hadnt sucked me in..but it so has

  6. Oh yeah! I guess that gleek is the right term to describe me 😉
    This shows makes me incredibly happy, everythime it finishes (with one of it´s great musical numbers) it leaves a big fat smile on my face (sort of creepy one)
    My favorites? KURT (ever since the single ladies chapter:), Finn and his friend who´s name I can´t really remember…

  7. ok i must watch this show – constantly hear people talking about it! looks very cute

  8. Eve

    I love Glee!!!! It’s amazing and it makes me so happy!

  9. miss pup pup

    Glee Rox! i love Racheal and Finn and Quin but when they had the competition boys against girls, the boys rocked it out best

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