Some of you may be surprised…

…to find me blogging today.

“But Hermia, aren’t you supposed to be floating around Paris right now!?” they will exclaim, marvelling at my dedication, presuming that I’ve taken some time out of my Parisian Spree to hunt down a computer.

Well think again.

I am sitting at home.

On my own.

With my cats.

I have become THAT girl.

The explanation: I have been SO sick ALL Christmas.

Since pretty much THE moment my Christmas holidays started.

Flu since the night of the 23rd, which started to improve around Tuesday and then turned into a stomach flu the day before we were supposed to go to Paris.

About five hours before the flight, I had to give in and admit I was in NO state to fly and then possible ruin The Boy’s Family’s New Year.

He went without me.

Cos he’s a jerk.

Lol, not really ….I made him go ….so his mam wouldn’t kill me.

And then I spent last night in my parents house.

But had to leave today because the snow is icing over and I have to protect the kittens cos they’re all tiny and helpless and lacking thumbs to open food cabinets and I’m afraid of ice.

So here I am ….in Dublin ….alone ….with a huge supply of waffles and the piece of steak my mum gave me ….



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14 responses to “Some of you may be surprised…

  1. oh please feel better soon!! Happy new year…promise me you will have a great new year xx

  2. Eve

    How awful!I’m sorry! I hope you feel better soon! Happy New year!


  3. Bad times but Happy New Year! x

  4. Oh lovely!

    I hope that you get well soon. New Years is over rated anyway.

    And sorry about the shameless plug, but I’m starting up my own online vintage shop/ blog, please have a look!


  5. I hope it all gets better soon.. I wish you a happy new year and recover fast!

  6. Oh my God Hermia… of all the things to go through! I know what it’s like to be robbed of Paris but to be sick on top of it?

    Console yourself that you WILL go soon and because you won’t be sick you can make the most of it without all that New Years crap yes?

    Feel better 😦

  7. Get well soon! 😦 Being sick during new years must be horrible!

  8. Hope you feel better soon 🙂 ….but did you just say; Sitting in with a HUGE supply of Waffles?! That should bring a smile in any way, brings one to mind……. I sat at home for New Year’s Eve myself and smiled. I was going to watch “Gone with the Wind” (a very long and romantic film you probably know already) but instead decided to just relax and listen to my “Barbie & Ken” neighbors YELL to the top of their lungs like they were apart of New York Dick Clark Special when midnight arrived. Wow. Annoyed me some but made still glad I don’t have to hear that for another 364 days…..hopefully I’ll be nowhere around next time around. But get well soon 🙂

    I’lll be resuming my blog posting on the 4th 🙂

  9. Aaaw! Thats so horrible! You poor thing. I hope you’re starting to feel better now. And you’ll always get another chance to go, it just sucks when you’d been looking forward to it for so long. 😦 I know its going to take a little more than this to cheer you up but you won the ARK t-shirt from my blog. Feel better soon! x

  10. At least you know 2010 can only get better from here on in x feel better SOON x

  11. God, I am so sorry… but don’t worry, this year is a new begining, a new decade. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go with your boyfriend to paris… I mean, it is not venice, it won’t disspaear, right? Get well soon!
    Peace and love from here!! and happy new year 🙂
    Penny Lane ♥

  12. Suddenly Susan

    Heya! Heard you were sick – hope you feel all better soon! Paris must miss you – but I’m sure you two will be reunited soon x

  13. Santa got me stomach flu this year, too, that big bearded bastard. But you got robbed out of a Paris trip while I only had to feel terrible about not being able to eat all greasy holiday food. :-/

    Hope you’re feeling better! On my part, symptoms (those horrible, horrible symptoms I can only hope not to have again) passed after 2 days. I cannot imagine having it for a week. Happy 2010!

  14. oh poor you, hope you’re feeling better xoxo

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