Currently obsessed with …Vintage Posters

Taking down the Christmas decorations ALWAYS leaves me depressed for days. It’s just so bleak sitting in a room with newly-bared walls and celings!

So I’ve decided to prevent it happening this year and am hunting for some vintage posters to pretty-up the apartment!

So many online stores are SERIOUSLY trying to rip people off, but thankfully my trusty friend Amazon has come to my budget’s rescue…



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10 responses to “Currently obsessed with …Vintage Posters

  1. Ahh I have that Funny Face poster in my room!

    Great minds m’dear, great minds…

  2. Oh I have had the same idea! I am trying to track down a Blow Up and a A Bout De Souffle poster for my lounge

  3. Amanda

    I love that last one!

  4. The Citizen Kane poster always reminds me of the HG in DCU…

    I love the last one! – Is that the one they have in Monica’s apartment in friends??

  5. i’m a huge sucker for these posters, as well.

  6. Eve

    These are so fun to see! My dad is in the movie poster business and he says people at the company he works at will try and do more interesting posters like these, but the studios always turn them down. Wouldn’t it be lovely if movies now had these kinds of posters?


  7. That Citizen Kane poster reminds me of the Henry Grattan!

  8. Me too!!!! And same with Kelly above!

  9. i love them, always wanted a La Dolce Vita poster

  10. Your blog is hilarious! I’m always sure to have my day made better by having a read! Happy 2010!

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