The Giving-My-Life-Some-Purpose Post

An old college buddy has recently started this blog, where he attempts to complete one crazy challenge every week for the whole year.

The idea has kinda stuck with me because

(A) I never make New Year’s Resolutions because I find them tedious and

(B) I haven’t any Life Events occurring in the next year.

I don’t want to look back in 30 years and say, “Hermia, what the frick!!!??? You wasted a whole precious year of your youth!!!!”

And that got me thinking of an episode of Scrubs where JD tries to convince a woman to get treatment that might save her by naming a load of things you should do before you die (in the end, he realises she’s already done all these things ….and then she dies).

Now while Crazy College Guy is doing insane things like learning to unicycle, developing a computer game and not talking for a week, I’m not really looking to push myself to the limit or punish myself (possible attributed to the fact that I’m a little lazy and I hate inconveniencing myself): I just want to be able to add some note-worthy stuff to my life’s repertoire.

So I’m looking for ideas.

I’d like you guys to recommend some things that you think that people should experience/learn/do/see/etc at some point in their lives, even if it’s reading the Harry Potter series or spinning very fast through a revolving door.

Now obviously there’s going to be huge things like “Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower” and “Swim with sharks” and “Dive out of a plane”, and while I encourage those suggestions,Β  I’d also like you to throw in smaller must-dos.

They can be short-term, like “Eat sushi” or long-term, like “Grow a mustache” (well you know what I mean!)

Then I will compile a list and post it on my blog (in case anyone else wants to join in) and I will get started on it!

I probably won’t be able to do them weekly, but I’ll be looking to do somewhere in the region of 40-50 things by the end of the year.

I’d also appreciate if you could spread the idea to other bloggers so I can get more suggestions, which will mean a longer list of Must Dos and hopefully more participants in the project!!!!

Thanks for your help guys!!!!!!!!!!!!


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40 responses to “The Giving-My-Life-Some-Purpose Post

  1. That’s a great idea! Some (similar) things that are on my list for 2010: learn to bake a steak (I don’t eat steak but want to be able to bake it for someone else), learn to bake bread, take a picture of the same spot in e.g. the livingroom every night at a certain time for a couple of weeks and see how things develop, read best 100 books, watch 200 best movies.

  2. I think you should take a photograph every day for a year. I think that’s a big enough challenge i.e. to remember to do it.

    Make an item of clothing for yourself

    Take an interesting self portrait

    Paint on a canvas

    Go swimming in the sea…in Ireland. It’s baltic but incredibly refreshing…

    Invent yourself a cocktail and serve it all night during a house party

    Submit some writing/a photograph to a publication

    Go horseriding

    I can’t think of any more but I will be back

  3. Go to the hot springs in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

    Or at least go to hot springs. They are a-MAZ-ing!!!

  4. Hmm….. πŸ™‚

    – Buy an old piece of furniture from the flea market and “revive” it. DIY, of course.
    – Finish a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.
    – Send a fan letter to your favorite author πŸ™‚
    – GET MARRIED. I kid, I kid. πŸ˜€

  5. great! I think this project is going to be wonderful.
    some things i think we should do before dying:
    – being in a movie (an extra is a good choice ^^)
    – learning to cook at least 5 different (and delicious) desserts
    – Singing a beatle song in the karaoke
    – Writing a song
    – Watching “casablanca”
    – Climbing a tree
    – learning to play an instrument
    – reading classics and writing one yourself (that’s my dream, more than a resolution,hahha)
    – Eating a bigbigmac
    – to fall in love
    – to have a life-time friend

    if i think of more things, I’ll let you know. I will put a link to this in my blog, i think it is really interesting plenty of us to do it =)

  6. hmmmmm… πŸ™‚
    get crafty and make something new.
    open an etsy shop selling that something new.
    take a photo a day like white rabbit said πŸ™‚
    and make a flikr account so nicole can see them.
    volunteer at a soup kitchen.
    eat better.. possibly look into veganism. (ok, this is all me right here!)
    visit nyc during the holidays.
    if i think of any more ill stop by…randomly πŸ˜‰ which im sure i will!

  7. such a good idea! i recommend

    1. make a meal for someone else
    2. have a tea party (this can be combined with #1)
    3. hand-write a letter every week.. and send it
    4. leave someone you don’t know a friendly, encouraging comment
    5. watch a disney movie once a month

  8. Weirdly enough I did the exact same thing in 2008! Some of my weeks included

    Cleaning week
    Running week
    Learn to make pastry week
    Only eat food beginning with B week
    Swimming week
    Write a song week
    Vegan week
    Yes week
    Meditation week
    Gift week (everyone I met got a small gift)

    There were more but I forget…!

  9. I love this and your blog! I think that everyone should visit New York city and go to 5th Street not to shop (well maybe to shop) but to get a hot dog from a street vendor. It’s only a $1 and it’s amazing.

  10. what a great idea! I’d say go skinny dipping! It’s kinda daring and something you’ll definitely remember forever πŸ™‚

  11. Pray namaz. Okay, I don’t want to sound all preachy…but praying namaz is one of the best things in this world.

  12. hike through the 5 cities of cinque terre in italy! the most beautiful gorgeous amazing little towns and views

  13. Ooh, ditto on the Cinque Terre hiking!

    I say go skydiving! It would be terrifying and unforgettable!

  14. a few more!:
    I don’t want to die before seeing (in the public of course) a runway show.
    knit the most comfortable scarf
    start every day smiling to everyone (this is for being happy too)


  15. Eat a naga moris. Its like the hottest chilli you can eat. Try it with rice and and a mild curry. I know it sounds weird. But its seriously something you have to try!!

    [have a glass of water on standby too :D]

  16. Heyo! I noticed your blog post! Very good- hope it goes well for ya. πŸ™‚ If anyone else is reading this- I THINK I’m the “Crazy College Guy” referred to previously (mind you- I’ve been known to be wrong before!) NOTE: I will be borrowing/stealing some of your suggestions too if thats cool!

    Question for Helen- how did ‘Yes Week’ work out? I think it sounds awesome but how do you moderate what you say ‘yes’ to! I know some sick minded people! (Myself included) πŸ˜›

    Okay- I know it’s been suggested- but learning to make your own bread and your own cookies is really cool! I learned yesterday (Veganism leads to cooking apparently) and it’s really enjoyable and tastes amazing when fresh out of the oven. Also- homemade cookies are great for gifts (hence hitting that ‘gift’ week!) Another suggestion would be to learn random facts about a VERY SPECIFIC topic… i.e. learn loads of random shit about cheetahs… or brown bread… or mayonnaise… and then dispense said random facts out at parties/social gatherings as much as possible…

    Finally- take up something you always wanted to do but never had the time to… i.e. dance classes, yoga, book club or cooking classes and dedicate an hour each week to just that.

    Have fun! Throw me any suggestions you think of!

    Also I’d love suggestions from anyone else! The more the merrier! Cheers πŸ™‚

  17. Brilliant idea lovely! I’ll post on it for you very soon

    My ideas

    1. Take a photo every day for a year (brilliant idea white rabbit!)
    2. Go on a holiday to somewhere that you have never been before
    3. Have you read Twilight? If you havent then you need to read the books!

    Ooops batteries going, shall post more later!


  18. This is the entire premise for my blog! How wonderful πŸ™‚ Check it out! I hope you find some ideas πŸ™‚

  19. So you did! (I’m still learning this blog stuff!) πŸ˜›

    I just found your suggestions too (need to learn how to get e-mail updates!) I like em! Prob try them all! Thanks! πŸ˜€

  20. this is beautiful.

    I think you should list the beautiful things you see each day. Or list one thing (at least) you’re grateful about everyday.

    Long term? Before it’s summer (because the heat would be unbearable for you) see Cairo from the Cairo tower. See the pyramids. Come to Egypt this year basically. And meet me πŸ™‚ Come next month!! (we have highs of 21 degrees, lows of 8…that’s today. CLEAR SUNNY SKIES!!) It’s worth it, I tell you.

    Write 500 words every day.

    Make a vision board. Make cards.

    Buy a crystal necklace made with a certain thought, like clarity for should give you clarity through positive energy- or so I have been told. Crystals are a great thing to learn about honestly…and crystal therapy. A lovely, lovely thing.

    go a whole month without plucking your eyebrows πŸ˜€ I’ve done that and no one noticed πŸ˜€ Oh and stop styling your hair…go hippy on your hair. I’ve stopped dying, blow drying, straightening my hair. It FEELS good. even though I have TONS of grey hair…

    Quit drinking anything that’s fizzy.

    What do you think?

  21. This is an amazing idea πŸ™‚
    Well my personal ambitions are;

    swim with dolphins

    kiss in the rain and snow

    take a lead part in a play


    join one of those holidays where you head of to Africa and spend a week helping others in actual need

    go out in a public place for a day and compliment on as many strangers as possible

    make a radical change- dye/cut your hair, tatoo piercing


  22. Such a cute idea doll!!
    I am on my way to work but I will be brain storming all day for you xx

  23. me and my friends were talking about this a while ago too here are some more i just thought of-

    go to the supermarket with your friends in your pyjamas

    write a love letter and leave it in a library book

    talk to someone you never noticed before

  24. dustjacket attic

    Oh great idea,

    make a board with pictures and things that inspire you
    see a runway show
    serve in a soup kitchen
    write a journal

    xoxo DJ

  25. This is fun! Here are some “reasonable” ideas from my bucket list:

    1) Learn about and understand 5 religions different from yours (ie. Mormonism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Hinduism, BahΓ‘’Γ­, etc.). This, for me, would entail reading about them, talking to people who practice that religion, going to a few religious meetings if possible, observing their most sacred holidays, etc.

    2) Learn a new language and travel to a country where you can practice it – this can be as simple as learning French and traveling to Canada.

    3) Take up astronomy, buy a telescope, be able to find at least 10 constellations.

    4) Join a random sport team that you never would have thought about – for me this ended up being kickball. I was horrible, but it was still fun.

    5) Finish a marathon.

    6) Raise $2000 for a cause of your choice (this can be related to the marathon if you do something like Leukemia and Lymphoma Society).

    7) Find a pen-pal and keep in touch with him/her for as long as possible. This pen-pal must send and receive snail mail – emails/blogs do not count.

    Ok, that’s all I’ve got for ya! Have fun – this sounds great!

  26. dannidupa

    I’m so unsuccessful with resolutions and am loving this alternative! Thanks to everyone for all of the ideas. Will be posting my goals on my blog soon. Good luck all!


  27. i just found your lovely little blog! super sonic excited about your decision to do something different this year! My suggestion is:

    when you have a couple of days off,
    pack a little bag,
    fill up your gas tank,
    unplug your gps,
    and get lost for awhile.

    luck & love!

  28. oh my gosh i absolutely love this idea! here are a few i would make for myself:

    Take a Wine/Cooking Class
    Try going Vegan (for a month)
    Live on $10 a day (for a month)
    Travel through Argentina
    Take an Italian Language Class

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  30. Why not try to read a new magazine or paper each month? I’m always finding new publications I love.

  31. Hey! It’s the third time i comment here. I already put a link on my blog about this idea =) I hope it helps!!
    BTW, have you seen 500 days of summer? yelling pennis in a public place is real fun!! (doing this kind of things is underrated) i did it few days after watching the movie, it was great, really ^^

    PL ♥

  32. Hahah i like what Penny Lane said: yelling penis in public!

    1. Going up to a complete stranger and telling them they look beautiful today
    2. Stand in the middle of a busy mall/street with a “free hugs” sign and see how many people come to hug you
    3. Begin yoga
    4. Eat only organic foods
    5. write an inspirational note/quote and put it in a random book at the library (or post it in a random persons letter box!!)

    i love this idea of yours doll xxx

  33. How about doing something completely out of your “comfort zone,” that would be just freestyle up until that point. I’ve found mapping out adventures USUALLY don’t turn out very fun…..why? because you know exactly what to expect from them…there’s really no chase in it. Therefore, DO IT, as you design it……………… trust me, it’ll be better. A great adventure never became one by knowing step by step, but by spontaeity.

  34. Hey! I tried to post you a reply yesterday but the battery went on my laptop and then I couldn’t find the extension…. oh what a nightmare laptop-less night!!!


    You should take a photograph every day for a year (possibly post on a separate blog just for that purpose?)

    You should go on holiday to somewhere that you have never been before

    You should eat macaroons from Lauduree

    Read the Twilight books and fall in love with Edward

    Be an extra on a film / tv programme

    I like Belle’s idea of putting a note in a book

    And Pennylane’s of yelling ‘penis!’ in public!

    Do an extreme sport – sky diving, snow boarding, white water rafting etc

    Buy fresh flowers for your flat once a week

    Do volunteer work


  35. you’re so creative — i love this idea!

    how about this:
    1. bake a batch of red velvet cupcakes
    2. watch a movie by yourself
    3. go to a cafe by yourself. nurse a cup of coffee/tea long enough to read at least three chapters from a book.
    4. eat vegan food (raw vegan), like Cafe Gratitude kind of food

    good luck! i’ll be checking in frequently (added you to Bloglovin’).

  36. dont know if anybody mentioned this yet but…knit a scarf? πŸ™‚

  37. i love this idea!! can’t wait to see the list you come up with. πŸ™‚

    my contribution:
    if you need some time to yourself, go to the beach & search for sea glass. it is a wonderful way to unwind!

  38. tell a stranger on the street they look fabulous.

  39. Oh, fabulous idea, dear! And good for you, for challenging yourself and trying new things! πŸ™‚ My suggestion:

    Perform in front of an audience (doing any kind of performance art you).

    Sorry, I didn’t have time to read through everyone else’s suggestions, so my apologies if this has already been named (or perhaps, you’ve already done it anyhow).


  40. I just found your blog, and I think this is a great idea, so I hope you don’t mind that I’m contributing despite being a newbie:

    *climb a tree
    *build a fort
    *do a random act of kindness
    *float down the river in an intertube
    *go “for real” camping….not just in a campground…if you’ve never been.
    *write someone a secret admirer note
    *write a song
    *get something of yours published…a poem, short story, photo, etc….
    *volunteer somewhere new
    *pay for coffee of the person behind you in line at the drive-through coffee window
    *sleep under the stars

    OK…this is all I’ve got for now. I think this is such a great idea!

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