Update: The “Giving My Life Some Purpose” Project


Thanks so much to everyone who offered suggestions for GMLSP Project (catchy, eh?).

I’m getting really excited about this and the next year is looking promising already.

There were some fantastic suggestions that you’ll notice will be left off the final list and I feel I should explain why.

My aim for this project isn’t to make a list of massive things you should do during your life, like visit Asia or go on a cruise or visit Lapland: this project is aimed at normal people, who wouldn’t have lots of money to travel around, and is also meant to be completed in a year.

I want to make an achievable list, filled with things that can be completed in a normal day without emptying your bank account or abandoning your life.

Obviously if I was making an Entire Life list, then the travel suggestions would be in there, but it’s just not possible to do all those things in this project.

There are one or two travel-involving suggestions, but they’re novelty things in cities that are popular enough that you may visit one during the year and can then tick it off.

To see the preliminary list, click HERE

If you feel inspired by the list and think of any more suggestions, please do let me know!!!!



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7 responses to “Update: The “Giving My Life Some Purpose” Project

  1. I love the list! And I am in love with the whole idea, really!

  2. Wonderful idea! I’m going to check out your list and mayhaps make my own! 🙂

  3. i have finally beaten my hangover and I’ll be posting my contribution over the weekend x

  4. I am so joining in! How about pay for a stranger’s coffee/ chocolate bar in a shop. Stay in a 5 star hotel? hmm i’ll try and think of more! xxx

  5. I’m gonna join in too! Once i have time to sit down and make a list (: alot of thought needs to be put into something as important as this! (: xo

  6. I love this GMLSP (read: gemlesp haha). 😀 Have you started?

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