When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Hey Guys,

Just a quick heads-up regarding The Irish Blog Awards!

I had no idea the nominations were open, until a fellow blogger let me know yesterday, so I thought I should post a reminder in case anyone else forgot!

Last year, I was astonished to see certain blogs failing to get proper recognition, so please please PLEASE vote for the Irish blogs you truly believe deserve a shout-out ….not because they seem to be popular, rich or famous, but because they are incredibly talented writers that keep you entertained.

When I see the talented Irish bloggers that have come from such a small country, it makes me truly proud to call myself Irish.

And this year should see them all get the recognition they deserve!

My personal recommendations for this year are The White Rabbit, Spherical Notions, Blaubushka Blaubushka and Lovely Disco.

So get voting guys!!! You don’t have to be Irish, you just have to read Irish blogs!

Click HERE to vote…only a couple of days left!


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10 responses to “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

  1. Don’t sell yourself short Catherine! I just put in my forst nomination and that’s YOU! LOve the blog and all it’s musings. Hope it comes to something big. x

  2. hello 🙂

    I’m sorry its taken so long to get back to your comment 😦 how’s life? mine is just one long roadtrip to academic hell 😛

    take care


  3. Aw, Kitty.

    I sent in my own nominations yesterday morning so it looks like your name has already been thrown into the hat at least twice 🙂

  4. I may have stolen a post idea from you again.

    I’ll never do it again! Well, that is unless you have a picture of Johnny Depp in the nip and in that case I’m helping the world by sharing it…

  5. I didnt know about this but I am skipping right over there to vote for two gals named Catherine and Blau 🙂 xxx

  6. Blaubushka likes this…you like you..we like nominating people we like…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it

    thanks emma baby (thats my new name for you)

  7. Pati

    I think your blog is great. Thanks to comment in mine. 🙂

  8. Total agreement on The White Rabbit! I don’t know the others, I should try harder!

  9. why are all the prettiest shoes always the most expensive shoes? *sigh*….

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