Update: The Project

So the Giving My Life Some Purpose list is complete at a very random 85 things to do this year!

I’ll update you guys on my progress every weekend and hopefully, those of you who have decided to take part in The Project will do the same! Don’t forget to drop me a line to let me know!

The things that are crossed off on the list are things I’ve already done that would be pointless to do again, such as read the Harry Potter series (which I’ve done about five times already) but I’ve left a few completed tasks unmarked so I can do them again during the year!

Good luck with your own efforts!


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6 responses to “Update: The Project

  1. Pati

    I just loved your ideia! It’s really funny! I think you will have a wonderful time while you’re doing all of those things.
    and you’re not the only one that had read the Harry Potter series five times. haha


    ps: I’m a brazilian girl and it has been a lot of time since I stoped to studied English, so sorry if I wrote something wrong.

  2. I think the idea is great- it makes you have time for such things. I always say that I don’t- which is true.. But maybe if I forced myself to make more effort, that it is something I simply must do, maybe my life would be more extraordinary?
    good luck!

  3. I am so excited about your project, I may hop on board… I’ll let you know if I do! xoxo

  4. I guess be fab as Emma should be part of the list. Although…it should be a life goal, not just for this year. Haha 😀

  5. I’m working on my own list! Which I haven’t even compiled yet lol!

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