Today I feel….

…..a little like this:

It’s one of the world’s injustices that no matter how hard you’re working to stay happy and positive, one person can make you feel like crap and ruin your days.



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14 responses to “Today I feel….

  1. Oh honey, I hope you can turn your day around!!! We all think you’re wonderful, and anyone who doesn’t… clearly, CLEARLY has a couple screws loose. xoxo

  2. So you know my ex huh? He can do that without even being in the room. I hope you feel better today. I understand all too well how ya feel! *Hugs*

  3. ooh, I hope things get better..

    Beautiful capture.

  4. Poor Hermia. Who pissed you off?

  5. Oh don’t let that happen! I hope you’re feeling better by now.. I have my midterms now and I know the feeling. Seems their goal is to make you feel like crap over here but I promised myself I won’t let them get to me. I hope you will find the strenght to do the same 🙂

  6. and before you know it someone will turn it around and make you happy.

    sorry to see you are feeling sad! i miss your blog and you lady!!

    smile ok? much love!

  7. F&J

    Dont let it get to you hun, this insignificant creature isnt worth it.


  8. Lurve the pic!!!!!

    Why would one persons comment ruin your whole day? I bet you don’t even like that person.. & rationally probably don’t even value their opinion.

    Never let one person spoil your entire day x

  9. Eve

    I’m sorry! I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Aww thats terrible but i so know what you’re talking about
    i love the picture
    and hope u feel better 😦

  11. We all know how that feels. Hope you feel better soon though. Oh and I love your blog it has me all inspired ❤

  12. oh darling, i hope you feel so much better so very soon!

  13. Meh. Know how you feel. I could be having a good day then one person will be an A-hole and just make me feel like crap! Some people have the ability to not let this get to them… unfortunately I’m not one of them! boo.
    Hope today is going better for you!

  14. thechemistryisdead

    Oh dear that picture is my whole week right there! Hope you’re feeling better now too.

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