“My favorite blogs are where you get the mothers saying, ‘She’s the worst influence on my daughter, I would never let my daughter dress like that’, or, ‘This girl’s such a whore, she’s a slut’. And I’m, like, you’re a mother! And I’m 16.”

“To be honest, I don’t fucking care. I didn’t get into this to be a role model. So I’m sorry if I’m influencing your kids in a way that you don’t like, but I can’t be responsible for their actions. I don’t care.”

“I like wearing garters. Apparently people think that’s a big deal, but my tights won’t stay up. So whatever you want to do with that information…”


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12 responses to “Wholesome….

  1. She’s just right I suppose…

  2. Eugh I read that article too.

    I cannot stand her. Bratty teenager with an bad attitude if you ask me. Plus… she dresses awful, awful, awful. Don’t want to sound elderly… but… it is totally inappropriate for her age! I am 60.


  3. Suz

    Yea, I read that article and thought, “wow she has a lot of growing up to do”. Bit of a brat – too cool too quickly if you ask me!

  4. I think she has a LOT of growing up to do….on the outside & inside.
    She speaks the words of a typical teenager. With the i don’t care mentality.
    Funny because her words are now public and will always be around for her to look back on and see what a brat she was :)-

  5. I think she needs to grow up too. Famous people especially young girls should realize they are an influence & at least care a lil. She sounds like a brat.

  6. I read this article earlier and was considering also posting about it (great minds!) Taylor seems so conceited and full of herself, i really hate her personality. Some teens take fame with grace and stay grounded, like our own Saoirse Ronan, and then there’s the Jenny Humphreys who just don’t! it’s clear this girl thinks she’s a god and can do whatever she wants, but she’ll soon make herself pretty unpopular in the media. i look forward to the day she gets knocked down a few pegs!!
    Great post, as usual!

  7. im so torn on her because i get that its not her responsibilty to be a role model. at the same time its like shes trying so hard against that that she comes up as a stuck-up-attempt-at-rebellion-biatch. and the photos of her smoking… i mean thats not even legal is it?

  8. This girl needs to stop being famous, stat. Or at least stop being such an asshole.

  9. *SIGH* She doesn’t care.

    Well, as long as she does not do drugs or party or anything.

    Does she?

  10. Well she’s been photographed at nightclubs and parties (seeming to be drinking) and more recently, she was photographed smoking on the set of Gossip Girl….

    She’s so immature! There are prices that come with the fame she seeks, and one of those prices happen to be that you become a role model for young impressionable girls!!!!! I don’t care if you don’t care…..you acting that way in public makes it look like its cool and grand and you’ll get some stupid 15 year old, who doesn’t have an entourage or bodyguards looking after her, who will dress like you and get raped or attacked!

  11. I despised the bit where she boasted about not having any friends her own age, as if she is sooo beyond that. she only hangs out with her band and co stars who probably all hate her anyway! You’re 16 love, get a life!!

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