The Giving My Life Some Purpose Project: Week 2

Well the end of Week 2 is upon us, and realising that a bit of knitting didn’t really count as making my way through the list, I was forced to take alternative action.

Recently I’ve had some requests from readers who wanted to take a look inside my closet, and even though I would never classify this as a fashion blog, I do post about clothes (thank you Topshop obsession!), so I thought maybe it was time to put my fashion-oogling to good use, especially since one of the great recommendations for The List was pulling some fashion poses and holding a mini shoot.

Even though I love both clothes and cameras, I’m as awkward as hell as soon as I’m standing in front of a lens! I’ve no problem jumping into a group picture and doing the exact same pose (chin down and slightly turned to the side, widen eyes and smile) at the slightest notice, but it’s a different story when I, and I alone, am in the spotlight.

So pull up a chair a prepare to laugh at my awkward, cringe-worthy attempt at a “fashion shoot”….

*The one I find most embarrassing is that second last one….such an awkward pose, but I love that dress and scarily enough it was the best shot.



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19 responses to “The Giving My Life Some Purpose Project: Week 2

  1. Dont worry I am exactly the same! You dont look awkward! Your clothes are lovely. I esp love the second to last one (the dress). It’s gorgeous

  2. But you look so lovely! The spotty dress is my fave, very elegant.

  3. whatchu talking about woman, you look stunning in all the pictures *jealoust*

    loving ur style, uber pretty 🙂

  4. You are so pretty! i love your hair and lips and spotty blouse-dress. lovely shoot! and i know exactly how you feel, i get so awkward taking pics of myself… 10 second timer, camera propped up on a pile of books, awkward pose…eeek!

  5. you are lovely my dear. i love the polka dot dress!

  6. umm i love all of these – your bangs are too cute! do these more often dammit!

  7. You’re so skinny! The polka dot dress is amazing!

  8. Eve

    Hehe! You’re very cute! I love that polka dot dress!!!! It’s adorable!!!

  9. aw you look great! Not akward at all 🙂

  10. You look gorgeous!!! You seriously do 🙂

  11. love love love!!

    I have that topshop skirt, it’s my favourite thing in my wardrobe right now! And where is that gorgeous dress at the end from??


  12. You look lovely! And I’m loving all your clothes! You have great style 🙂

  13. Your hair is smashing & so is that polka-dotted jacket. I LOVE THIS. Teach me your ways.

  14. Kat

    awww you’re fabulous! sorry for the ‘fashion- y’ talk..but it’s true!!! i love the first outfit..and the polkadot dress looks amazing on you! would love your madonna tee too.

  15. Great pics, and gorgeous outfits:)!
    Added you to my irish blog list:)!

  16. Awkward!!!??? Um you look gorgeous!

  17. You were obviously meant to be in front of the camera. 🙂

    Love the dress you pointed out. I’m coveting the fabric 🙂

  18. love love love
    I adore 😀

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