Have you ever thrown a fistfull of glitter in the air…

You want to do nothing but sneer at the snivelling, whining ‘musicians’ spat out by the modern music machine after watching Pink and Lady GaGa’s performances at this year’s Grammy Awards.

“Oh but I’m dancing a little so I’ll have to mime!”

“Oh I’m so famous now, I don’t need to sing live!”

“I’m a face, not a voice!”

Long live the dedicated performers and artists!!!


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21 responses to “Have you ever thrown a fistfull of glitter in the air…

  1. God I love Pink. As much as I love my indie rock I have seen Pink 3 times now and I fucking love her. Her voice is absolutely incredible and she’s a complete legend!

    Lady Gaga puts the fear of God in me though it must be said

  2. fuifduif

    I loved these performances.

  3. Well Lady GaGa IS God……I heart her mucho

  4. 1dental

    Such creative people! Pink’s performance was my fav 🙂

  5. conradvisionquest

    pink’s performance was brilliant. i’m kinda gettin’ over the gaga thing, though. but i still think she is wickedly talented.

  6. so glad you posted the gaga john duet!

  7. omg Pink is so talented. lord.

  8. I am not going to lie, I love Lady GaGa. Not for her music, (it really isn’t that good) but for her business savvy. Her music may not be brilliant but you have to admit it easily gets stuck in your head, and she did build her career up from nothing… its pretty amazing.

  9. Pink is fab – she’s got moxie!

  10. Well said!!!
    I love GaGa, her performances are awesome!
    In fairness who’d really pick a Leona Lewis concert over GaGa???
    Gaga puts on a show! Like Beyonce! Proper performers 🙂

  11. M

    I don’t see what the big deal with these is…they’re a little over the top, but isn’t that the point? I love that Lady Gaga and Elton John played together, it’s like he’s giving her a nod that he approves of her over-the-top style.

  12. Rae

    This 60-year-old woman thinks it’s fabulous to see these amazingly talented women break the rules and combine performance art, music, and visual arts (using their own bodies as part of their art). It’s nuts, but it’s fabulous. My daughter and I decided to go to a Gaga concert this year, and I think we’ll take my 80-YO mother, too. You go, girls!

  13. I absolutely loved the duet Lady Gaga did with Elton John! Pink also proves that she is multitalented being able to sing and do acrobatics whereas other singers have to lip sync!

  14. Livi

    I loved these performances especially Pink’s! I love her 🙂

    I am absolutley in love your blog header! How/where did you make it?


  15. Lisa

    Just heard the song with Lady GaGa and Beyonce; love it. GaGa is starting to grow on me!

  16. jstjessie

    I lalalalove lady gaga, shes so like unique!

  17. I saw the title of your article plus ‘AChickNamedHermia’ and thought you were referring to a local Boston theatre production. I guess the American Repertory Theatre’s ‘Donkey Show’ has some far reaching inspirational wings.

  18. im so with you! i just saw that in a pink interview somewhere – theres no excuse for lipsynching after that number!

  19. I never really had an opinion about Pink before. I knew from what I read she was a straight up kind of woman, and also from my general area of the woods somewhere but that performance, she really upped the ante and I really don’t know how it can be topped. I didn’t think that Gaga was so wonderful, I think Gaga is either very on or very off. And for the Grammys I think she was off. That whole “she’s a monster” thing was just too much. I know she is into the art and the installation thing, but it just looked like a big hot mess to me.

    But it is true, no excuses for lip-synching anymore and I can’t wait to see who can beat that performance. I’m happy for her.

    Another thing about Gaga…she claims her influences are David Bowie, Studio 54 culture and Grace Jones. Hmmmm. I also think there is Marilyn Manson, Missing Persons (from the 80’s), and many others that might seem “uncool” to cite.

    Beyonce bores me.

  20. Beyonce invests in the whole vocal acrobatics things which annoys me. She stood still on stage for 15 minutes just showing off whilst the other Destiny’s Child girls ran around like eejits.

    LEONA LEWIS…now THERE is a bore. Fuck I can’t stand her or her ‘music’…

  21. I really like Lady Gaga, she’s so driven and she has such a firm idea of who she wants to be. It’s amazing how she’s come so far from so little. I read that she’s the only person EVER to have achieved 4 number one hits from a debut album, that’s quite something..

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