Currently obsessed with….The Plastiscines

Maybe it’s because that Vodafone ad is on all the bloody time, but I can’t get enough of  les bébés rockers, The Plastiscines!

They’re everything we worshipers-of-all-things-chic-and-French-and-effortlessly-cool strive to be!

Natural pouts, bed hair and whatevs looks that would leave Blondie’s Debbie Harry looking like an uptight shrew.

Plus they can actually play their instruments!

Check out my favourite track  Barcelona HERE


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8 responses to “Currently obsessed with….The Plastiscines

  1. Ah! The drummer looks so different with dark hair! I’m not all that fond of their music (apart from Barcelona. That’s a good track.) but they’re really fun to see live.

  2. Barcelona is my favourite too!

  3. Ah! i love them, especially the lead singer Katty, what a babe! i did a post on them a while back-
    they’re so now!

  4. i‘d like to invite you to visit my fashion blog:

    Thank you :). KISSES FROM SPAIN

    •••HAVE A NICE WEEK•••

  5. The one in front looks SO MUCH like a friend of mine!


  6. I’ve never heard of them before! But I like the look! A lot!

  7. I’m the friend of LiLu’s. And… she DOES look like me. SO weird!

  8. the haircuts of this girls are awesome, I like it

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