Some random musings…

  • Living with The Boy is quite great because it means I have a second wardrobe to chose from! It’s like free shopping! Today I acquired a grey Tommy Hil. jumper. Normally I hate ‘labels’ that charge the earth for very plain clothes you could get in Penneys/Primark/etc for a few euro/pound/etc but the way I look at it ….I didn’t pay for this jumper! 😀
  • After recent numerical discoveries in connection with certain people in my life, I have decided that age is most definitely NOT an indication of maturity.
  • Cooking a surprise picnic-esque dinner in 18mins, with ten different food types, is not only very possible, but also allows time to change into a pretty dress.
  • And finally, if you’re taking part in The Giving My Life Some Purpose Project, check out Nicole’s Pen Pal Project to help you tick off one of the items on The List. If you’re not taking part in the GMLSP project and just want a pen pal….? Well I guess you can still check it out! 😀 Also, I suppose this is a good time to mention I have an exciting letter-writing-type project of mine own coming up for you lot, so stay tuned….


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2 responses to “Some random musings…

  1. More details about the picnic please! What food have you got? Is it in your flat, on the floor, in the lounge, on a blanket? xx

  2. My dear your blog is simply exquisite!

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