The perfect date and the cutest advert…

Oh Lord, how simply perfect is this ad!!??

Just so sweet and cute and adorable and beautifully shot!

Watch it…!



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8 responses to “The perfect date and the cutest advert…

  1. girlfromthehills

    Love that ad – am a sucker for advertisements – sometimes I prefer them to the actual programmes! Thought the singer was Jack L but googled him and it’s Richard Hawley – very beautiful.

  2. dannidupa

    This is such an adorable ad. So romantic and perfect for February!

  3. i want to be that girl and watch ballet and kiss that lovely boy and eat icecream from the tub, simply delightful!

  4. This is gorgeous, it’s pretty much perfect!

  5. Most adverts are trash, but I always love when a lovely one, like the one you posted, comes along and takes me by surprise! Not to mention, I’d really like to have some of that ice cream (Haagen Daas makes some of the best!) and that view too!

    Thanks so much for your comment, dear! Yes, I think I’ve unfortunately confused a good deal of people, as there was a time, when I truly wasn’t sure whether I wanted to blog anymore or not, but now I’m back, more or less, anyway.

    Hope you are well, dear! ❤


  6. aww very sweet! i want ice cream…

  7. I love this, so cute and twee!
    I really want some Haagen Daaz now though!


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