Stupid America

Ok, so I don’t actually have a problem with the country, but when it comes to clothes, they always get the best variety, styles and prices…..well, except when it comes to Topshop….SUCK ON THAT, YANKS!

Lol, at the risk of looking like a complete racist, I should make the point I mean to make!

I love Urban Outfitters.

But we only get a really small amount of the gorgeous stuff they have in their American stores!!!! All the European buyers seem to be able to get their hands on are ridiculously short, flimsy skirts and cheap looking dresses and tops! Sure, you might get a few nice pieces, but if I had access to the American stock, my apartment could be turned into a shrine to Urban Outfitters!!!!!!

They also get the BEST apartment stuff over there, and all we can get are a few coffee table books and toast stamps!!!!


And I suffer from a horrible compulsion to continuously stalk the American online store and torment myself with all the wonderful stuff they have and I can’t buy!!!!

Would it really be SO difficult for Dublin’s Urban Outfitters to get in a FEW skirts that don’t flash my underwear by being ridiculously short or with see-through material?

Or some dresses that don’t look like a homeless person sewed them together using material he found under a bridge?

All while charging a day’s wages for them?

The company SELLS them, so why can’t its European stores!!!?

*the author would like it to be known that she bears no ill will towards America, Americans or anything associated with said country…..except Sarah Palin …..and George Bush ……and Sarah Silverman ……and obesity …..*



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14 responses to “Stupid America

  1. Urban has so many beautiful things… that are way out of my price range & don’t fit my body because, as you mentioned, America has an obesity problem to which I seem to be falling victim. I did, however, go to NYC’s Topshop last time I was in the city, & it’s four floors! GIANT! So much stuff…

    I folow a couple of British fashion blogs & am often so jealous I can’t get THEIR things. Grass is always greener, eh? 😉

  2. i totally agree. America has the BEST shopping, me thinks. urban outfitters is second only to anthropologie..except anthro is a whole lot more expensive!! I went crazy when i was in america precisely because we dont get the great stuff (and prices) they have. boo.

  3. I TOTALLY agree! And why is it so over-priced here?! it’s ridiculous! xx

  4. Ooh this post has made me so happy… this time next week i’ll be in Boston! Heading over with friends on Wednesday for a week of serious shopping, so i’m very excited! Looking forward to their Urban Outfitters, American Apparel (sooo much cheaper) and their outlets like Marshalls and Filene’s Basement. If anyone has any good tips on boston/america for shopping let me know! mail me on or just comment on my blog with ideas!


    ps. i want that couch!

  5. Ezio

    What’s wrong with Sarah Silverman?

  6. Haha you’re funny Catherine :p

  7. Eve

    Hehe, its true we have Urban Outfitters, but I’d love to have Topshop!!!

  8. haha i love this post! the grass is totally greener on the other side. i would give anything to be back living in london obsessively shopping at topshop and H&M. and here i am with an urban about 9 minutes away! if you ever want anything im happy to grab it and send it to you! haha

  9. goodgirl

    I am an Alaskan. We have nothing compared to the lower forty eight. We also envy the prices and options of shopping down there. Where i live we have a local grocery store, church, bar, gas station, another church and another bar! lol. I have to drive 100 miles to get to the closest walmart. Why i live here, i have no idea! i want to go to london someday, and new york or california or scotland, anywhere really. One day i will be there. Where i live the latest fashion is Bunny Boots and carhartt overalls, wait, with a matching coat. Get this, I have a pair of furry boots and i get the look when i am shopping for apples, so out of place that is what i am! move to alaska, try and dress urban outfitters, i dare you. i tried, and i looked like the tree in the middle of the desert!

  10. The quality is still crap though! There’s tons of stuff in the US stores that looks really sturdy and then you try it on only to discover that it’s actually completely see-through and is as easy to rip as paper.

    Just saying.

    From personal experiences.

    That’s all.

    The end.

    And the EU stores also get a lot of stuff that the US stores don’t so it works both ways.

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