….Avril Lavigne’s new song for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is actually pretty decent.

I’ve had some serious fallings out in recent times with Miss Lavigne over her ‘tude, such as sitting with her ‘devil horn hood’ up during the entire day of judging American Idol, and I was a bit surprised that out of all the musicians they could have picked to front Alice, they chose her.

But anyhoo, not a bad tune!



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9 responses to “Surprisingly…

  1. I can’t wait to see this!! Avril is back? Oh no, I’ll check out her song tho!

  2. I’ll have to listen when I am not @ work. She has been MIA!

  3. I heard this song as well, and I do prefer it to some of her other stuff. The Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack seems pretty amazing though!

  4. This film looks pretty freaky. Not sure if I’ll see it as I can’t stand Tim Burton, but will give the song a go…

  5. I don’t like Avril Lavigne, but that song was pretty decent.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Alice in Wonderland :). And I want to see Phoebe in Wonderland too!

  6. ok i have to say i hate that song – im going to pretend like i didnt hear it because im so excited about that movie and bummed that she is even a part of it!

    ps. why is your love of tweed secret? tweed is fabulous ms hermia, be proud:)

  7. haha i haven’t bothered listening to it. don’t really care for avril. but now that you mentioned it i’ll have to youtube it (: have a great weekend love! xo

  8. Avril girl, it’s about time you got over the teen angst, seeing as you’re nearly as old as me, like! When she was married to the other fella she grew up a small bit now I have to say, but since the marriage went down like a hot snot she has reverted back to being a pain in the arse. Remember the video for the song where she is wearing a green corset yoke and trying to be sexy?

    That made me uncomfortable.

  9. thanks for the add on the sidebar! You have a lovely blog and I cannot wait for Alice and Wonderland should be fantastic!

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