A weekend update

——–Miraculously, I actually managed to save up some money this month (mainly thanks to the masterful money-hiding skills of The Boy) and will be able to go through with my Spring/Summer shopping spree next weekend!

I have my eyes on a few pieces already, so fingers crossed they manage to stay put for one more week!

Topshop and Urban Outfitters staff will be rubbing their hands together with glee when I walk in….

——–Last night I was privileged enough to go to Lady GaGa’s concert last night.

The show itself was great, and she’s so sweet and hilarious, but it was definitely not my best night.

We had standing tickets and started queuing from 3:30pm to get nearly the front to avoid being horribly hot and sweaty and crushed. The O2 staff were JERKS, and there was one woman on a power trip with her megaphone, who called us “Girls and Boys” in a patronising tone and started moving us around unnecessarily. She also took great pleasure in telling us that we wouldn’t get into the building until 7pm, instead of the original 6:30pm.

I should point out that it was FREEZING and as the venue is right beside the Docklands, we were also being terrorised by bitter sea breezes.

The queuing proved in vain as one of the girls I went with demanded we stand in front the platform brought out from the main stage because GaGa spends most of her time there so we’d see EVERYTHING!

She doesn’t spend most of her time there.

We didn’t see anything.

We also got stuck with a group of 16-year-old wenches who were bullying and pushing everyone around them, including a couple standing at the barrier in front of them who they were trying to force to move. Oh and I can’t forget the culchie behind me who wouldn’t stop WHINGING and because she was tired, she spent the concert leaning all her weight on me.

I was already sick with stomach and back pain from a stress-induced-ulcer-type-thing that had kicked in during the week and in the end, I had to leave my spot and spend the second half of her show in the back.

The positives: GaGa was great, as were the supporting acts Semi Precious Weapons and Alphabeat, and I was really happy when one of the evil wenches fainted…good times!

Word of warning: there is a lot of cursing and freaky imagery, so I wouldn’t recommend bringing any under-12s (we saw LOADS).

Also, the new O2 venue sucks! Bad layout, too hot (I’ve never seen so many fainters) and the majority of staff were jerky.

——–To end on a bright note, thank you so much to everyone who nominated A Chick Named Hermia for the Irish Blogger Awards. I’m really overwhelmed!

Charlotte is also delighted with her nomination!





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5 responses to “A weekend update

  1. I LOVE that little floral watch – amazing!

    Would have loved to see GaGa but alas I had an OAP night in with Thai food and Sweet Home Alabama… I am wild.


  2. yay for a shopping spree! and im sorry to hear that you didnt have a good lady gaga experience! im going this weekend and now im really glad that i got seats instead of the standing area. i can’t believe so many people fainted!! that’s crazy.

  3. Oh no…the Gaga experience sounds less-than-desirable. My sister went when she came to Ottawa, but I wasn’t invited because it would ‘cramp her style’. Bah. That was a low point 😛

    Ummm but in OTHER NEWS, congratulaaaations on the Irish Blogger Award nominations, you’re fabulous, so it was bound to happen. And I’m jealous up to my earlobes about you and your Topshop spree. Gettin misty-eyed just thinking about it. I miss living in England SO MUCH sometimes, particularly when all things Topshop are considered. My wardrobe has taken a rather steep turn for the worst since moving to Canada, where most clothes are designed sheerly for WARMTH.

    Okay essay comment, I’m sorry haha! xo

    P.s. those boots…swoon.

  4. Congratulations Missy on your nominations! We may be going to Galway yet methinks…

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