Some Inspiration

My shopping spree day is getting closer and closer, so to get my mind on the right track, I need some fashion inspiration….



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14 responses to “Some Inspiration

  1. omg those photos are gorgeous!

  2. Emma Watson is just perfection in editorials and defo a great choice for spring inspiration! The second-last photo is also just lovely. Looking forward to seeing what treat you discover on your spree! x

  3. These are all so pretty. I love the first one.

  4. Lovely! Where are you going to go shopping? As in, high street or vintage shops? I need to go on a shopping spree too! I have lots of birthday and Christmas money left over 🙂 xxx

  5. dannidupa

    Zooey is darling up on stage in that tutu-esque dress!

  6. Ohh I love each and every photo you choose! I can’t believe that’s Emma Watson! She’s so pretty! The last photo is beautiful too! I love that dress!

  7. I love these pics! I too have been saving up for my new season splurge and have been tearing out pages like crazy to see what pieces to splash the cash on! I actually have a ridiculous pile at the minute so serious editing of the bundle is needed! (“,)

  8. White tights= Yes! bought a pair in american apparel and love them!
    Zooey Deschanel= wow wow what a little babe. if i wasn’t blonde i would try look just like her. recently watched 500 days of summer and i can’t stop buying blue flowery things ever since!
    enjoy shopping

  9. Eve

    How exciting! You must tell us what you end up getting! I’m sure you’ll come home with loads of pretty things!
    I love that Emma Watson shoot!

  10. I LOVE these images!! Especially the first one 🙂
    It makes me really love being a girl 🙂

  11. Awesome pictures, love that dress in last pic

  12. fabulous inspiration all around:)

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