Cheryls and Vespas

Although I normally don’t discuss the gossip side of the celebrity world, I do want to say that I REALLY hope Cheryl sticks with her resolution to divorce that cheating-rat-of-a-husband of hers.

She’s a role model and unlike Rhianna and Elin, she needs to show girls that self-respect is important and you don’t give another chance to the guy that breaks your trust.

Lol, and moving on from the serious moral lecture, how COOL are vespas!???

If I wasn’t so scared of everything, including my own shadow, I would TOTALLY get one….



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13 responses to “Cheryls and Vespas

  1. hehe I love her and I love vespas!

    I think Cheryl has the most amazing hair ever!

  2. I’m not a fan of Cheryl I’m afraid, but I do hope she leaves him. Just shows that even with all that money happiness can’t be bought.

    And Vespas are awesome. So awesome.

  3. Can’t say I care much for Cheryl Cole, but I heart vespas!

  4. vespas….wrooom…wroom…WROOM…cherlys a ride too….shall i go back to leaving ‘mormal’ comments next week or can i stay in ‘mummy drinks’ mode?

  5. I hope Cheyl sticks with her decision as well. I absolutely love her and she deserves so much better.

    I love Vespas! I have always wanted to go on one.

  6. With you on both! Gorgeous pix

  7. hehe, vespas are cute 😛

  8. dannidupa

    I would love to own a Vespa! It would make my life so much easier, though a little more dangerous!

  9. LOVE Vespas!! I’ve always wanted one, even though it would be totally impractical…but still, love em 🙂

  10. Kat

    oh how i love vespas..would love to be a perfectly chic mod zooming past in one!

    cheryl has to ged rid of him for definite..but to be honest, i couldn’t give two hoots really about either of them!

  11. Who is Cheryl? And… I WANT A VESPA, LIKE, NOW. Purple, methinks.

  12. I concur! Tweedy/Cole ho hum, whatevs.
    Vespa, gimme gimme gimme! I love, these pictures just show how fabulous they are too! Imagine put-putting around Rome in one and whizzing past all the post designer shops! Heaven!

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