Fashion Filosophies

Number 1 :

I don’t like snoods.

They’re for lazy scarf wearers.

They sit in a ‘blah’ way.

Is it really so much effort to tie a loose knot in a proper scarf?

On a side note, I love the vintage scarf lines Topshop have right now.

Number 2:

Teenagers need to stop wearing hot pants.

99% of girls look really not good in hot pants.

Being 16 does not make you an exception.

It makes you a slutty child.

Number 3:

Making you hair look like a bird’s nest is not a good thing.

You look like a dirty homeless drug addict.

God gave us shampoo.

Use it.

Number 4:

I like macaroons.

A lot.

If Lady GaGa can make a teacup and saucer a fashion statment, then I think she should turn her hand to Ladurée’s macarons.

Especially the Rose macaroon.



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10 responses to “Fashion Filosophies

  1. I am a lazy scarf wearer *red* I love scarfs but by Jaysus I love my snood!


  3. Sorry I loved your blog until this moment! I’m a lazy scarf wearer that fancies and shags homeless people who vomits at the thought of a macaroon!! We agree on the pervy children aspect though…that’s just all wrong!

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!!. *cough*…*gets up and rubs knees*

    I wasn’t going to leave but I was going to hide my snood from view lol

  5. slutty children are everywhere..wearing tights under hot pants does not make them less slutty…personally i think lady gaga shud work the watering can next

  6. I agree with #’s 2 and 3. I can’t stand seeing young people in slutty clothes and I hate really messy, dirty hair.

  7. #3 is my favorite! “God gave us shampoo. Use it.” Priceless!

  8. 1. Scarves all the way!
    2. Hotpants, lord no, unless you’re Roller Girl.
    3. Distracted by that picture… oh dear, very odd…
    4. …. drool… macaroons. I like Blau’s idea of Gaga and the watering can though; get the gardeners on-side and you can rule the world…

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