A little rant about….Used Books

Hi, my name Hermia…

(Hi Hermia!)

…and I have a fear of libraries.

I haven’t borrowed a book since I was 15 (well with the obvious exception of maybe 8 college books that I took from the library, touched as little as possible and never used).

Basically I have some issues with other people’s dirt.

And also with books.

Uhm, how to explain this……well I’m very particular about my stuff and EXTRA particular about my books.

I don’t bend the spines.

(as my brother found out)

I don’t turn down the corners of pages.


(as Lyndsay found out)

If a book page bends in my bag, I literally have a minature breakdown.

I also have some issues with other people handling my books.

FACT: Everybody picks their nose.

FACT: The majority of people don’t use tissues.

People also sneeze and cough without covering the necesary face holes when they’re alone.

Some people scratch their bums, and so on, and so on.

If you think about this honestly, how many people really exercise proper hygiene practices when there’s no one else around?


And for a lot of people, reading is a solitary activity.

So put two and two together and you get really disgusting used books.

So I never use libraries.

Or buy secondhand books.

Or feel comfortable sitting on someone else’s couch.


What this post was supposed to be about was the great selection of fun books Urban Outfitters have in right now….to buy….not to borrow…..never to borrow….



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20 responses to “A little rant about….Used Books

  1. OMG! I totally feel the same way as you do! Once, i reluctantly lent a book to a friend because he was begging for it. I told him to not have a single bent on either the cover or the pages. But sadly, the book came back with a dented cover. It was ragged. & just when I saw it, I broke into tears. Can you believe it? I was that emotional with my books! :S

  2. I can honestly say hand on heart that I don’t pick my nose. It disturbs me beyond all reason

  3. lol I’m the only one I know that doesn’t to be fair

  4. Well. In fact I LOVE used books. I love the history behind them and in them.
    And yes, they´re dirty but sooo wonderful beautiful fantastic!

  5. OMG dude. Ewwwww! I’ve never thought about any of this…I love used bookstores. Ahhhhhhh

  6. Ugh I get that too… mini OCD breakdown about germs!
    I get it with vintage stores too a bit… I bought a cute top in the Toe Jam car boot sale… washed it straight away and have yet to wear it cuz it makes me feel a bit ‘eugh’. BUT I did find an AMAZO vintage 80s jacket with gold bows on it… that I am in LOVE with… so I can make an exception for that…
    I still feel a bit weird tho!

    • Oh God yes!!!!!! I make me so angry, because I miss out on so many lovely things in vintage markets and shops because all I can think is “How much did the last person sweat in this?”, “I wonder if they died while wearing this!”, “I wonder is they did anything else while wearing this” and other such unpleasant thoughts. So basically instead of buying a great vintage dress for €10, I wind up paying €70 for a similar dress in Topshop *sigh* Damn crazy….

  7. I never thought that about books… Now I’m going to turn into a freak like you!! 😉 (joke!)
    I was in Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street last week and I saw a book called Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I really want this book.

  8. Fours years later, I’m still sorry that I wrote in your book. I thought you wouldn’t mind if it was in pencil cos I could rub it out. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry GOOD NIGHT.

    • Lol……it was probably the only thing that came close to ruining our friendship….I still can’t look at that book *dramatic sigh*

      Actually, I still have your sticky note in my first Ross O’Carroll Kelly book…..can’t remember what you said but it’s still there….because it’s a Memory…..and not because I’m freaked out by sticky notes….

  9. Oh dear. This makes me question one of life rules, which is “Share good books.”

    I must do some serious thinking about this….

  10. Is ‘Wreck This Journal’ in Urban Outfitters? In DUBLIN?! Getting me a copy tomorrow so.

  11. Major book reader here, and I almost always buy new books. I have always had an issue sharing my books, because all I can think about when they have them is, “Are they reading my book while going to the bathroom?”

  12. Tina

    i just discovered you blog todayand i have to agree with you on this book thing
    bent book spines are the worst 😦
    i’ve told my sister off so many times she just stops borrowing my books 😀

  13. Kathleen

    Beautiful blog, especially love this post!
    Great job 🙂

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