Don’t Rain On My Parade

Wow my head is so HUGE right now, I’m having trouble balancing it on my neck!

I logged into my email account a few minutes ago to find a lovely email from a blogger called Clara who had all manner of lovely blush-inducing things to say about A Chick Named Hermia, which she has just started reading!

She was even sweet enough to mention it in her post HERE

And as if that wasn’t enough to boost my ego, I found that another site had linked my blog today, and when I toddled over to have a look, I found a terribly flattering blurb about A Chick Named Hermia, which the writers had featured in their 7 Best Blogs By Women post.

Amazing, right???

I’m sitting here grinning like a loon now!!!

And now, in honour of my seeing the nicely impressive Alice in Wonderland yesterday and not being made feel sick by the 3D effects, here is the original Alice in Wonderland film from 1903, which I found on Perez the other day!

It puts creepy on a whooooooole new level….



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11 responses to “Don’t Rain On My Parade

  1. i figured i would boost your big-headedness a little more, by just letting you know that I love your blog so much! and hmmm, i’m off to see alice in wonderland next weekend, but I’m a little apprehensive because I’ve heard really mixed reviews so far…!

  2. Oh yay, glad we (I write for All Women Stalk, in fact, I wrote that particular post haha) contributed to you grinning like a loon. 😀

  3. theboywhofoundfear

    Having a good ego day…. 😉

  4. clara

    I too pretty much ‘stalk’ your blog every day and love reading how you view the world, although i think its got something to do with the fact that I too went to DCU around the same time as you and so feel some strange kind of compatriotship with you… Oh well either way I love your blogs, so continue to entertain us please 😀

    • Awh thanks Clara….and you went to DCU too? Respect, sista!lol! What were you doing? And do you have a blog of your own?

      • clara

        No, no blog of my own… I love reading them but have never considered writing one of my own for some reason… I studied languages for international communications when I was there, so also a humanities student 😀 I just like the fact that the things you refer to are a little bit closer to home instead of everyone seeming to hail from the states 😀

  5. Wow, I really like that picture. Great blog!

  6. Well done lovely!

    You deserve anything wonderous written about your blog!


    oh and i am SO SO excited about tim burton’s alice in wonderland – i’m going to see it on thursday!

  7. Congratulations darling on all the wonderful praise you are getting! You definitely deserve it!!

    HaHaha mat is obsessed with the knitting needles!! I guess it was a waste buying lingerie if he hasn’t looked away from knitting at all this weekend 😛 haha
    have a fabulous day love xxx

  8. Zakerius

    Well I enjoy hearing what you have to say too!
    But then again you know that. Really cool that you’re getting shout outs though! My blog never gets such things *tear*

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