Work It!

I never ever ever take part in the usual “Let’s Post Every Single Dress Worn at Insert Event Name Here” craziness that ensues the day after an awards show or significant premiere….


I really want to make an exception just this once and post Anna Kendrick’s dress from last night…

I just love everything about it….the dress shape, the colour, the subtle lace split, her hair style and its chocolate brown colour, the fact she stayed true to her pale skin and worked WITH it in her colour choices….

Anna,  not only did you manage to outshine the two main characters in Twilight and New Moon with your five lines, but you also managed to outshine red carpet veterans last night!




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12 responses to “Work It!

  1. thats such a beautiful dress *sigh*

  2. Laura

    This was absolutely my favourite dress of the night, yay!

    It was one of the only dresses I saw on the red carpet live (where E! described the colour as “fleshy”!!)

    Can’t believe some people stayed up till 4/5 to see it all!

  3. She only has 5 lines in the movie? Are you a closet Twilight fanatic? Haha kidding. Love the lace details of the dress.

  4. emily cross

    wow that is a gorgeous dress!!

  5. I thought she looked absolutely stunning!! She definitely outshined Kristen Stewart!!

  6. Wow! That dress is amazing, I love the style. ;D
    I didnt get a chance to watch the Oscars last night, but I wish I had seen the Red Carpet. 😛

  7. Ooh yes beautiful dress. she definately proves that colour often beats black (cough, kristen!)
    i love the oscars!

  8. Eve

    Yes I absolutely loved that dress! Its like a dream com to life and in dress form!

  9. She certainly did look gorgeous!

  10. I agree: Anna Kendrick’s dress was so amazing. It was probably one of the best awards dresses.

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