The Fabric of our Lives

I’m very much loving the vintage feel about this seasons dresses and skirts, but how HARD is it to get a decent floral pattern in a high street store?

So I’m thinking of attempting to make a few of my own dresses in the patterns I’m looking for.

However, since most fabric shops in Dublin are lacking in decent variety of material and designs I’ve turned my attention to the internet.

Mmmmmmmm internet.

Liberty prints have SO MANY lovely floral patterns that I’m itching to turn into dresses and bedclothes (click on the two patterns below), but there are some bargains on smaller sites, such as the bottom pattern there…

This could go SO horribly wrong, but at least I’ll have something to post about either way!!!!!



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19 responses to “The Fabric of our Lives

  1. I get most of my fabric from Abakhan Fabrics. We’re lucky to have a big store here. But they do sell online >

    Check it out, you may find a fabric that catches your eye 🙂

    All the best with making the skirt, can’t wait to see the end result 😀

  2. kat

    oh best of luck with this, would love to see the results!

  3. Aw man, you sure you don’t want me to make it? I did such a good job with the R+J skirts… Ha… :/

  4. Wow! Are you going to hand-sew the dresses yourselves? 😮
    I love the patterns btw! 😀

  5. oh how pretty is that last one…on a scale of one to ten..eleven

  6. Oh you should do a DIY post on how to make the dresses! 🙂 I would love to make my own dresses cos I always get so frustrated when I can’t find what I want in stores! I love Liberty prints too. It sounds like these will be so pretty! (“,)_SequinsandBangles_xx

  7. Awh do it! And let us see your results!

    Most of my favourite floral dresses, skirts and tops are vintage treats!


  8. ahh good luck! love sewing projects:)

  9. Good luck :). Love all the patterns, especially the last one.

  10. I’ve seen some nice floral prints in Topshop but their styles don’t suit a tall gal like me. I tried on a floral romper suit there which cut into my crotch and all the dresses showed my knickers… 😦 sigh!

  11. I definitely, definitely agree with the lack of floral patterns annoyance, I need a really nice floral long dress so I can go as a woodstock hippie for this American day thing and they are soo hard to find… maybe I’m just to picky though. x

  12. award waiting for ya on my blog, love xx

  13. I have a couple of liberty print shirts AHHH I LOVE!

  14. I am so jealous you have Liberty fabrics to enjoy. I have been hoarding Japanese quilting fabrics here simply because they look like Liberty fabrics.

    What designs do you have in mind? 🙂

  15. Ooooh must check out that site, severe lack of good materials to be found in the shops in Ireland!

  16. Ouu! Nice patterns. Hope the clotes work out! (yn):)

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