Awards, Shocks and Favours


As you may remember me mentioning, I received some nominations for the Irish Blog Awards, thanks to my lovely readers.

And seeing my name on those longlists made me feel all squishy and happy and incredibly chuffed.

So imagine the crazy emotions that ran around my insides when I saw the shortlists posted on the Award’s blog….

….and saw that I wasn’t just shortlisted in one….

(which I thought was the MAXIMUM I’d get if I even got that far)

….but was shortlisted in the four categories that I’d been nominated for.


It’s a pretty overwhelming honour and it really wouldn’t have happened without your support, Readers!

Thank You!!!

But I do have a wee problem.

The rules of the awards are that once you get to the shortlist stage, you have to chose one category to continue in.

But I don’t know which to chose!!!!!

So this is where you guys come in!

I’ve been shortlisted for Best Popculture Blog, Best Fashion Blog, Best Blog by a Journalist (although I am a non-publishing journo at the moment) and Best Personal Blog.

Which one do you guys think I’d stand the best chance in???

Blogs are obviously judged on a variety of factors, like quality and posting frequency, so I would really really really appreciate if everyone who visits regularly  could leave a few words when they do visit for the next couple of weeks.

I know there are a lot of silent readers (a few of them have even sent me some lovely emails recently) and I’d be so grateful if you could show you support for a little while…just so the judges could get an accurate account of Hermia’s readership…and so I look popular! 😀 Shameless, non?

You don’t need to have a blog to comment….just a name of some sort and an email address that only I’d see!

Again, it would be really great to have your support for this!!!

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the lovely Emma and the Blaubushka Girls have both given me this lovely award, so hurrays all ’round!



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38 responses to “Awards, Shocks and Favours

  1. Judged on comment count?

    Balls. I’m screwed!!! I’ve too many silent readers haha!

    Congratulations on the nominations again m’dear!

    • Lol, well it’s how you intereact with the blogging community, methinks, and since they’re not going to go through every blog in the world to see if you’ve commented, I presume your interaction will be judged on the comments you get from other bloggers….you always reply to everyone who comments on your blog though, so you’re graaaaaaaaand!

  2. I would say personal or journalist! good luck! xxxx

  3. Conor

    I’d say Best Personal Blog, because I personally really enjoy the posts about your quirky everyday life (feeling up grannies, eating paper so as not to look weird, etc.) But then that’s because I know you. Maybe it would be different for other readers.

  4. Congratulations on all the noms!

  5. My vote goes to personal or journalist! Your like a mix between the two. Love reading your posts!

  6. Cypriotchick

    Congratulations i would have chosen pop culture but by what others are saying go for journo or personal! Good Luck 😀

  7. I would go for Personal, as thats what I see your blog as! I hope that you win, lovely xxx

  8. Thanks for all the support guys!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it!!! And yeah, I think Personal seems to be the best option here!!!! The category has SO many amazing blogs in it though….hopefully they’ll switch to other categories though!lol!

  9. Spardha

    i’d go with personal blog!! its fun reading ur blog… way to go, girlie!

  10. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I’m totally flattered that you read it because I absolutely adore your blog! The nominations are very much deserved! I’d say enter the personal blog! Your stories are the best thing about it!! Good luck!

    Emma xx

  11. Fia

    I think personal 😉
    Love your blog ❤

  12. Ida

    I’m not really used to commenting others blogs – I guess I’m too shy and insecure about my english. But I just wanted to say that your blog is pretty awesome and you seem to be such a lovely person 🙂

    • Ida thank you so much!! It means so much that you’d make the effort to comment here! It’s become blatantly obvious in the last few weeks that I really do have the BEST readers! I must organise a give-away for you guys as a thank you!!!!

      • Ida

        well, as I said, I don’t usually comment peoples’ blogs, but you just seem so special and personal and I just felt I had to!
        oh and it was so nice of you to comment my blog. I’m swedish, yep, and I’m really glad you liked my pictures! thank YOU

  13. Oooo, Congratulations! I think either personal or popculture blog would be the best options. And I will definitely be commenting on as many posts as I can to show my support.

  14. Definitely personal or journalist, although I do think you would be better in personal out of those two,
    thanks for the comment on my blog, I took your advice and hopefully as I get better at blogging the layout will get better too 🙂
    I really like alllll your blogs

  15. Yey congrats!! Why were you so surprised your blog is fantastic….it’s my new fav read!
    I was nominated for fashion and business but I think I’ll go with business, although someone as scatty as me would never win in such a straight laced catagory….are you going to the awards?

  16. Rachel Bothwell

    Hey read your blog pretty much everyday…yes I’m one of those silent readers! Anyway…Best Personal Blog for sure, love your quirky little stories…and they way you write them! Especially “the time I ate paper”! Thanks for the entertainment, keep it up. Best of luck.
    Rach. x

  17. Nancy

    I just recently found your blog but it totally rocks!

    Your eating paper story prompted me to leave my very first comment on a blog because it was so hilarious, and I’ll make my commenting a habit if it helps you get some recognition.

    Good luck!

  18. terra

    Hey! I stumbled upon your blog months ago and love it. Keep it up and good luck with the blog awards. You deserve it.

  19. christwithana

    Okok, I admit it: I’m a shameless silent reader. For some reason commenting does not appeal to me, but for you I shall try Now, I personally think you should go for best personal, but that’s just me. Alright, I’m done now; best of luck! (:

  20. Eve

    How exciting! Well I think you either fit into blog by journalist or personal blog. You fit into the others as well, but those two are best. I always have the worst time deciding things!!

  21. Yay! I’m clapping here for you, FYI. Haha. I’d say personal as well. Hopefully the judges will read your “let me tell you about the time..” and “dear (famous person)” posts. Those are awesome 🙂

  22. id say personal since you have a little bit of everything. congrats!

  23. Tickets bought and all Ms Hermia! Go get yours!

  24. I think you should go with Best Personal Blog! You’ve a pretty awesome blog, I’d pick you as the winner 🙂

  25. Well done! Just realised I’m shortlisted myself but if you’re in my category (Personal Blog) I haven’t a cat-in-hells chance. Ah well…. *she wipes a lonely tear* x

  26. Dorothy

    Love, love, love your blog! I’m one of those terrible silent readers that doesn’t comment, but now I’m starting, you’ll not be able to shut me up, hee hee!

    Personal Blog FTW

    Much love

    Dorothy x

  27. girlfromthehills

    Well done on the nominations. Love your funny quirky stories so definitely think best personal blog. Also love your photos – where do you get them?

    Enjoy Galway – hope you win!!!!

  28. Tamika

    Personal or journalist :D:D

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