Let me tell you about the time I….was in a super cool band

So I was browsing through Perez today (as I do) and I came across a snippet of Nicole Richie on Ellen.

And as I am a fan of both Ellen and Nicole, I decided to have a goo.

Especially since the title was “Nicole Rapping”,or something along those lines.

Turns out that Nicole was part of a girl rap group with her two best friends ….when they were 8.

And she could still remember their “rap” song.

Obviously I *awhed* at how embarrassed her cute little head was and then *scoffed* at the fact she was in a rap band….and at the fact that 20 years later she could remember the songs they wrote….

….and then I stopped scoffing.

Because I remember that when I was 13 …eh, also 8, myself and my then-bessie also formed a band.

And it may have also been rap orientated.

And I may have been still able to remember the lyrics when I tried to.


My BFF at the time was called Jemma, so her nickname was Jem and with my name being Hermia, I was obviously Cat.

So the “band” was called Cat-Jem.

Which sounded like Catch ‘Em.

Which we thought was bitchin’

Very embarrassing for Adult Moi.

And at the time it was very cool for girl groups to sing and have some rap parts in their songs.

So we decided to be “hip” and “cool”….no wait, we had this theory that “cool” was so overused that it wasn’t cool to say it anymore, so we said “Groovy” because groovy wasn’t used and therefore we were way cooler than everyone else by not using “Cool” and opting for the word that no one used….

….we were WAY existential back then.

Anyway, yes we decided that we would be “current” and sing AND rap (and I use the term “rap” very loosely) for our first track. *cringes*

And so….here is a snippet from our infamous first single….

Verse 1-Rap

Jem: I’m Jem

Me: I’m Cat

Together: We’re coming at you just like that

Jem: Don’t think we’re nice like sugar and spice

Me: Gonna chill you boys like a block of ice

Jem: Watch out for us, the new girls in town

Me: Gonna party all night gonna boogie all night

Chorus-Sing Together:

Watch out for us, guuuuuuuuys

You’ll ne-ver believe your eyyyyyyes

Gonna rock your world like never befoooooore

Party with us, get down on the floor…

Oh yes, yes dear readers, I AM being perfectly serious.

This isn’t a terrible joke.

It’s just terrible.

In fact that is only the tip of the Titanic-submerging iceberg.

My personal favourite was verse seven or something, which went something like this…

Me: Hey Jem, tell em about us

Jem: Well Cat, they’re gonna make a big fuss.

Me: See them watching as we walk down the street

Jem: Well some of those guys you wouldn’t want to meet…

Now obviously the only reason anyone was “watching” us was because I had giant man-swallowing nest hair and also probably because we were very white girls (she was a ginger) trying to rap.

Also, I should explain that in Dublin terms “meet” is another word for “kiss” so…..

….yup, you’re right, I don’t even NEED to verbalise an insult for that line…

Oh to be young again *world weary sigh*

And sure at least I’m cool NOW…..right????….RIGHT!!!??????



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17 responses to “Let me tell you about the time I….was in a super cool band

  1. I think we are going to Galway m’dear!

    Congratulations on your nominations! I’m doomed to failure myself given I’m in the Humour Category but you are in with SUCH a good chance!!!

    • Midnight, and we’re both online, despite having work in the morning…..we are truly sad, lol!

      And I am going no further than this….tis tough competition and I don’t even know which category to chose to continue in! I’m trying to pick the one I’ll have less competition in, lol!

      And YOU! I’ve been pushing for you to chose the Humour Category all along….your blog’s HIGHlarious and you know it!!!!!!

  2. Hahaha Where is Jem now?
    And yes, you’re very cool now. For sure 🙂

  3. Sad but…?

    I can’t defend this

    We’re sad lol

    Personal Blog methinks for you m’dear. Personal Blog or Best Newcomer!

    I’m going to Galway. Fuck it, why not. It’ll be good craic in an odd sort of way. You up for it?

    • Yeah Personal Blog probably would make the most sense….tough tough tough competition though! I wasn’t nominated for Best Newcomer *sigh*….I started blogging (half-arsed) about two months before last year’s awards.

      Oh…..uhm…..will we?……uhm……OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. interesting.. but i love these pictures!!!

  5. I thought you were under Best Newcomer! Robbed you were. ROBBED.

    I’m in a category full of bloody Meryl’s so I have no hope but I’m glad you have faith in me Ms Hermia lol

    I’ve applied for tickets so stick your name down! If anything you should bring The Boy and go to Galway and make a weekend out of it. You can meet some of the Cobras and we’ll play Jenga.

  6. Sarah Hannah

    where have you been all my life? i love this blog.

    and catch ’em is an awesome name. when me and my cousin were around 9 or 10, we had a little band. called? cousins. yup. creative genius.

    • Awh thanks, dearie!!!!

      Lol it wasn’t even as cool as Catch ‘Em…..it was CatJem….so it kinda sounded like Catch ‘Em….which we though was cool….well, “groovy” *blush* lol!
      And hey, Cousins is pretty unique!

  7. Haha, thats pretty amazing and hilarious! The lyrics were too cool for words.

  8. Ha ha ha! That rap song was so painful to read! I was in a band with some of my friends in junior high. We called ourselves Tenth Rose. Not really sure why. We wrote horrible pop songs and tried to sing them with harmony. I blush just thinking about it.

  9. Laura

    Lol, the lyrics are hilarious!! I just came across your blog, and spent the whole day reading it’s contents… I think I might be addicted :P. Good luck with the awards, hope you win!

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  11. Oh, yes, “super cool” is definitely the words to describe your 8-year old experiences! 😛 At least the raps… rhymed? Urm, yeah. xD At least you had fun! (L):D

  12. Ria

    Hahahahahaha. That is so cute though and I think your little raps and rhymes are clever for 8.

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