Let me tell you about the time I….was in ANOTHER super cool band

Well I feel you guys deserve some serious thanks for all the support you’re showing me, and while I do intend to *fingers crossed* have a give-away of some sort soon, I think you need a more immediate Thank You in the meantime.

This is a good one (in fact I’m blushing while typing up this post) , so you should all feel terribly obligated to continue to comment and go Wooo Team Hermia.

Earlier on in the week, I amused you greatly with tales of my 13 *cough* 8-year-old-singing-rap-group, well….

I may have had more recent experiences with band formationing.

When I was 19 *cough cough* eh, 14 and in second year of college (I was REALLY smart), I was a very active member of DCU Drama.

And every year, DCU Drama held an event called Stars in their Eyes, based on the TV show.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this show is (and has been living in a cage for the last 20 years) this was a show where people dressed up like the singer they supposedly looked and sounded like and competed for some prize or another.

Oh yes….you guys see where this is going.

Well, myself and some of my lovely,  super awesome drama girls had decided to do as many of the shows DCU Drama put on that year as we could …and Stars was one of them.

Who were we?

Well you’re just going to have to watch the video…

(or, you know, read the post’s Tags if you want to ruin the suspense!!)

FYI: I’m the one in the cropped zip top….I’m too embarrassed to tell you which member I was supposed to be because I fall SO short of resembling her.

FYI2: In the introduction video, I am the one with the curly hair….yes, I have natural afro hair….and the colouring of a vampire.



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12 responses to “Let me tell you about the time I….was in ANOTHER super cool band

  1. Conor

    Ah! I remember this. My Super Cool Band didn’t even get past auditions. We sang “Uncle Fucka” as Terrance and Philip.

    Also, notice the backwards S at the end of the word “stars” in the background. That was because I failed to realise that S doesn’t look the same backwards and forwards before I started cutting up the last piece of shiny paper.

  2. Hey — I just saw you are on the Short list for multiple Irish Blog awards!! Congratulations!!
    This is a wonderful blog, lovely, funny and so well designed. As they say in A Chorus Line : God I Hope You Get It

    (Thanks for visiting my blog, too) Kristi

  3. Every post needs video footage like this from now on! 😀

    • I have no shame when it comes to this blog…..I think that video was a new low though, lol! We were so proud of ourselves at the time, but looking at it with my world-weary wisdom, I am now thinking, “Hermia, you can neither sing nor dance and you keeping moving your arm about in a spazzy manner and can’t seem to keep still for more than 1 second….what the FRICK were you thinking!!!????” Thankfully the rest of the girls had some talent *phew*

  4. Suz

    Part of me is like “oh that was so much fun!!” and the other part of me is like “oh god..why oh why is she showcasing that embarassment to the world!?!” Why Catherine, WHY?!

    • Lol, because my readers are thirsty for embarrassing events from my life…..hardly anyone we know reads this (I hope) and I left everyone elses identity mysterious so you couldn’t be tracked down by readers who don’t know….and anyway, those dance moves were bitchin! 😀


  5. Dorothy


    Dorothy x

  6. ha ha nice crop-top! baby pink is so your colour!!
    thank you for sharing this video…brightened up my friday!

  7. Mic

    Sooooo Funny…….

    Natural born performer Cat!!

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