And they were all Yellow….

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are always so quiet in the blogosphere.

No idea why.

But anyway, rather than using up all my best material while nobody is online, I’ll leave my terribly amusing and humiliating stories for the weekdays and take things easy now with a photo post.

The weather was amazingly sunny and fresh this week and literally as soon as I finished work yesterday, it was nothing but grey skies.

So I’m going to brighten my mood and keep things mellow with some yellow….

Coldplay\’s Yellow



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13 responses to “And they were all Yellow….

  1. i noticed that too! its like ghost town on the weekend :S loving the pics, put me in a happy mood ^_^

  2. such a beautiful song.

  3. Eve

    Those are gorgeous photos! I love the second one!

  4. This post made me smile. And teary-eyed. I remember when the boyfriend filled my room with yellow balloons printed with the word YELLOW as an anniversary surprise. He hates Coldplay but he knows that I LOVE LOVE them.

    *sigh* Sorry I’m a sap on weekends 😀

  5. Sarah Hannah

    i guess most bloggers go out and live their lives on the weekend and thus debunking the myth that people who blog are geeks with no lives. or they just dont post so that people THINK this is what they are doing.

    love the yellow themed photos, so summery and light!

  6. that’s such a beautiful tone of yellow; very calm and serene!

  7. I spend my weekend doing things that will inspire my blogging, and then the weekdays posting while i should be studying! it all makes perfect sense!
    i love colour inspired posts… yellow is so perfect for this sunny day! xx

  8. My blog has been a ghost town for weeks… I need to get back on it!

  9. And I’ve been posting on Saturdays and Sundays. Yay.
    Yellow’s a gorgeous colour. And Yellow’s a gorgeous song. You have good taste, methinks…

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