She’s trapped in the Old Valley Mill!!!? Oooooh…..the Old Valley MALL….

For the last six months, on the rare occasion that I managed to remember to bring/charge my iPod, I’ve been listening to nothing but singer-songwriters, old bluesy music and classic american tracks by Springsteen.

But during last week, I wandered onto my old Musical playlist and the first track to play was So Much Better from Legally Blonde the Musical.

Guys, I really didn’t like the film.

But I ever-so-slightly worship the musical version.

I’ve never come across a show with such constant energy.

The songs are so catchy and the lyrics are surprisingly clever.

Laura Bell Bundy (the original Broadway Elle) kicks Resse’s butt.

The choreography is amazing and it even manages costumes changes ON stage!

In short, you must see this.

Or at least get your hands on the soundtrack.

Don’t be put off by the pink or think it’ll be too girly or stupid or boring, because it is none of those things!

It’s perfect!

And because I love you all so much, I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Come close.



A little closer.


You can watch the entire show with Laura Bell Bundy HERE and HERE



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10 responses to “She’s trapped in the Old Valley Mill!!!? Oooooh…..the Old Valley MALL….

  1. ahhh i wanna see thissssss! i actually loved the film. sole reason why i want to become a lawyer.

    joke 😛

  2. p.s thanks for dropping by with the encouragment!

  3. YEEEESSSSS!!!!! This is one of my faaaavourites. Oh my god I’m so happy someone else shares the love. xo

  4. Im with you! they had a reality show here at one point – looking for the new elle. they all kind of sucked but i really caught on to the songs!

  5. Ooooh, thanks for the secret. Never seen it!

  6. I’m not much of a musical fan, but the movie was quite cute and funny I thought, so maybe will have to watch the musical some time (or at least check out the soundtrack as suggested)! 🙂

    Thanks for your comment, dear! ❤


  7. Kc

    Thanks for this. It’s unlikely I’ll ever see this production in my country so this is the next best thing. I love your blog.

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