A little rant about….Paddy’s Day

WARNING: This is a rant. I will not be kind. Or pleasant. Or racially tolerant. Nor clean up typos. In fact, I never clean up typos but I will EXTRA not clean them up this time. Take that, Typos!

That’s right: Paddy’s Day.

Or Patrick’s Day, if you’re feeling somber and formal and the likes.

Not Patty’s Day, which I recently discovered is what a vast number of American Bloggers (and most probably non-blogging Americans) call our national holiday.

Yup, you don’t see us pooing all over Independence Day by calling in In-Your-Pendence Day (yeah, I’ll work on that one…),but apparently it’s completely peachy to name our NATIONAL SAINT’S FEAST DAY after a frickin’ BURGER!!!!!

First they bastardise the English language, and now it’s our religion…

Not that Irish people are respectin’ the day that much either….or doing many favours for the English language….

I’m sure the P-Dawg just LOVES watching 14-year-olds staggering around the streets with five gallons of cheap Lidl vodka in their pubescent bellies.

Oh and the classy twenty-somethings drinking 2 litre plastic bottles of cider in a field.

If you hadn’t guessed, I’m not a massive fan of Patrick’s Day.

In fact, I am the Patrick’s Day Grinch.

It’s just embarrassing that my hilariously quirky little country is best known for a one-day holiday whose chief activity is to get as drunk as possible.

I feel it necessary to say that the majority of Irish people don’t drink themselves into liver failure**, host all their life events in the pub or worship Guinness.

In fact, Guinness is disgusting and most people just lie about liking it to look manly and hardcore and gggyyyyarrrr-like in the manner of an Irish pirate.

Foreign people need to stop worshipping leprechauns and wearing nothing but horrible shades of green on Patrick’s Day!!

No Irish person would do that.

Except tiny Irish children and the parents bullied into doing it by said Irish children.

T-shirts that say IRELAND or PÓG MO THON or GUINNESS on the front are only worn by really disgusting older Irish men with beer bellies and grease stains dripping down the front of their tops.

A little bit of green is acceptable on the day.

Singing some Irish tunes is fine and lovely.

Having a few drinks with friends and family…well sure go for it!

Waving an Irish flag at a parade filled with mind-numbing marching bands, terribly flabby gymnasts and the obligatory group of old people who are veterans of something is also grand and hell, it’s an outstanding tradition among generations of Emeralds!

But just PLEASE stop vomiting all over my culture!

Thank you for listening.

**As a matter of fact, I myself didn’t have a drink until two weeks before I turned 20….on Patrick’s Day Night to celebrate our college’s nominations in a national drama festival…..in Belfast…..those damn Nordies corrupted me!!

**Also, Belfast is a very creepy place to spend Patrick’s Day….it felt like that famous scene in every Western where everything is eerie and the tumbleweed blows down the empty street and you just know a big ol’ shoot out is around the corner. Well there wasn’t actually a shoot out…but the pubs and off-licenses all seemed to close REALLY early so it was KINDA the same.


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26 responses to “A little rant about….Paddy’s Day

  1. emilycross

    Ok, when i say WR mention the ‘St. Pattys Day’ thing I thought it wasd isolated incident but I’ve seen it on a number of blogs and threads now.


    I’m kinda indifferent to St. Patrick’s day tbh – more of a Halloween person myself (now there’s a holiday been commercialised to death).

  2. Amr

    Oh Come on!

    am a non local person and i couldnt have a good site to see the parade!! all ppl are gathering like its the last day on the earth! and i wonder where did you see the non irish wearing the green?! i think you meant the african ppl? in any way, they got complemented for participating in that! ironic.

    one drawback, is the disorganised place, and ppl just to be green and stand in the middle of everything so nobody at the end of the day enjoy any sight! all what you can do is just walking between ppl and look at their green!

    P.S: the most disgusting wear came from irish ppl, they wear no-way-to-combine colors and almost all teen ladies were almost wearing hookers dress!

  3. christwithana

    …psh, im not one of those random americans who has been wishing everyone a happy st. patty’s day? what are you tawking about? (yes i was mocking our terrible accents, please dont make fun of me 😀 )

    • Lol….I’m all for Non-Irish people celebrating Paddy’s Day….it’s great to see it! But it’s just when they, like that, RENAME the holiday and then wear the most god-awful and almost insulting stereotypical Irish-type clothes! Grrrrrrr!

  4. Amr

    well, am exactly like mayo guys! my answer would be always: I have no “potato” clue 😛

    frankly though, it was really interesting to see randoms and meaningless things! — liar me!

  5. hahahhahhahaa

    I like you 😀

  6. Eimear

    Ahahaha how I laughed at this post!
    As a fellow Irish girl from the South East, I really have to agree with you. I, myself am not a fan of Paddy’s day, and this was shown when I spent the day in my pjs studying, but when someone calls it Patty’s Day, oh how I cringe!
    Every time I hear it, I think of burgers.
    At least it’s over in a few hours. *sigh*

  7. Conor

    Being a non-drinker, I’m not mad about that side of the day, but it’s a good excuse to hang out with friends and stuff, and a day off college and/or work is always welcome. Have to say, I like the day overall.

    Also, this Amr character is possibly the greatest comic creation I have ever encountered. From his blog: “Wonderlands milkshaking guy!… loves ireland and its people, like to rant about almost everything.”

    Good sir, one day I shall write an award winning comedy sketch about you!

  8. People don’t understand that Saint Patrick is really Pádraig, since it’s Irish. They’re abbreviating it “correctly” in English but only because they’re making the name itself English. It does however bother me but I feel so harsh correcting every person… if I don’t like ya though.. oh boy, you’ll get it. Anyway, GREAT POST, have a safe and happy St. Paddy’s Day! ❤

  9. Sarah Hannah

    in australia, we love st patricks day. any excuse to go down to the pub and get blind drunk is fine by our beer guzzling culture. being me, i obviously hate it and the idea of glorifying public displays of drunken-ness at the expense of someone else’s culture. dont get me started on all the novelty plastic green hats and sunglasses with a four leaf clover that people love to waste their money on, wear for a drunken night and then throw away bc wtf is someone going to do with it when its not national ‘we love the irish bc you love beer too’ day?

    • See that’s what I’m talking about! Everyone’s opinion is just that Patrick’s Day is ALL about drinking and wearing stupid hates! Nothing wrong with a couple of pints to celebrate but CMON!

  10. Eve

    I feel like so many holidays now are becoming so comercialized now days. Personally I’m not a huge fan due to the fact that Saint Patrick killed a whole lot of Pagans. But thats just me. It’s rather sad that holidays have been reduced to stereotypes. But I must say, I do fancy the color green, so any chance to wear it and not look like an odd ball is fine with me.

  11. haha this is funny. its amazing what things get spun into for the sake of a good time. and by good time i mean me sitting up late because the bar down the street is playing obnoxious knockoff songs in celebration of this holiday. so i say boo to the holiday as well:)

  12. Nordies corrupting you? I can’t imagine that ever happening…*COUGH*

    As for Belfast at St Paddy’s Day – it’s definitely a lot more relaxed now. The only problems occur in the Holylands areas because a bunch of culchie students get drunk and fight with the Peelers. The parade in the centre is fairly low key so as not to cause offense to anyone which I don’t understand because even Paisley celebrates the day!

    Patty’s Day though…pfh. Patty is a girls name dammit!

  13. dustjacket attic

    Oh I know I’m shallow but I love the photo’s, what can I say it’s all about the visual with me. I found it interesting from your local point of view on the whole St Paddy’s day event.

  14. agreed on ruining the language…I don’t mean to offend anyone, honestly.

  15. hey, i found you on ‘smile because it happened.’

    you’re right, i don’t live in ireland – my father is irish, and i’m very sorry if i vastly offended you by using a ‘t’ instead of a ‘d’ in the diminutive of the name ‘patrick.’

    i’m north american and i guess we like to screw things up here.

    but i completely agree with you about everything. this is why i boycott saint p’s day; i think it’s become such a gimmick.

    there’s more to ireland than shamrocks and guinness and leprechauns.

    • Lol worry not, I am not offended by it! It’s just become such a normal name in America (by the sounds of things) that no one realises that Irish people are tearing their hair out!lol! I’m surprised your dad hasn’t given ye a head-slap when he’s heard you say it! 😛
      And yes VERY gimmicky and as you said, there is definitely more to Ireland…..we have sheep! 😀

  16. Don’t worry, every single holiday that once meant something is now becoming commercialized. I’m sorry this is a week late, but I will no longer be an ignorant American – erm, Canadian! (not that I spent last Wednesday getting piss drunk, nor did I slander the holiday purposely). Still, I understand what you mean, and I’ll try to teach people around here a little respect for next year. (:
    I’ll pronounce it “St Paddy”, too, not “Patty”. Thanks for telling the blogging-world this! I think some of us, like me, needed it. 😛

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